Quick Ways to Deal with Anxiety at Work


Getting things done at work is a lot harder when you suffer from anxiety. On its own, anxiety is quite debilitating because it gets in the way of you functioning properly and often disrupts your routine, but when it happens in the workplace, the problem is immensely magnified. It is natural for your stress levels to be high at work due to the fast-pace as well as the mounting demandsso it is natural for you to get anxious. But, when you suffer from an anxiety disorder, it can get really severe and prevent you from completing your task, which will affect your overall work performance.

When you cannot focus on anything, it will take a toll on your work and this is not something you want. In this situation, you can follow these quick ways for dealing with anxiety at work:

  • Breathe slowly

Oxygen can have a magical effect; it can calm you down. When you feel anxious, you should practice deep breathing by leaning back in your chair and placing your hands on your abdomen. Your hand will rise up when you breathe in deeply and will lower when you slowly breathe out. It is recommended that you hold your breath for five seconds and only breathe out when you don’t have any breath left. Do this several times until your mind stops racing and your chest doesn’t feel as tight.

  • Re-assure yourself

You will simply increase your anxiety and end up paralyzing yourself if you keep on ruminating about your anxiousness and your inability to handle the situation. Rather than bringing yourself down, you need to have a positive attitude. You can change your behavior simply by changing your thinking. Tell yourself that anxiety is just a feeling and a temporary one that will pass. Encourage yourself and say that you can get through it and surprisingly enough, you will.

  • Take some medications

You can also calm yourself down if you take anti-anxiety medications such as Etizolam, which is highly effective. It will help you in feeling peaceful and relaxed in a short time and can even resolve your insomnia issues that occur due to anxiety. There are other medications as well such as Ativan, Xanax and Prozac that you can take for relieving anxiety.

  • Move around a bit

If it is possible for you to step out the office for a little bit, go for a quick walk for about 10 to 15 minutes. In case you cannot walk, find a quiet spot somewhere and do some jumping jacks. The purpose of this exercise is to get your mind to release endorphins, which work well in calming down your mind and body. Practicing muscle tension and relaxation is another thing you can do, which will move your focus from the anxiety to the exercise. Your body will slowly let go of the tension and your mind will empty itself out when you push yourself a bit.

Use these tactics and don’t let anxiety affect your work.

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