Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Contractor

No matter how much construction and renovation experience you have, you cannot expect to do an entire home remodeling project on your own. There are certain tasks that you shouldn’t even attempt unless you have a license like repairing your electrical system or putting in new pipes. When you look for home contractors in your area though, you’ll likely find dozens of suitable options. To find the right one for your job, you should ask just a few simple questions. This helps you find the perfect person to work on your home.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Always ask the contractor about the amount of experience he or she has and the amount of experience in the exact project you need doing. Some people will tell you that they have 10 or even 20 years of experience because they count all the experience that each crew member has. You’ll also want to ask questions about specific products like a certain type of lumber or Parker hose fittings to ensure that the contractor has experience with the tools and supplies that you want to use.

How Long Will the Project Take?

Whether you want to install new copper plumbing, put down a new kitchen floor or add a room to the back of your home, you can use the internet to see how long the project should take. You can then ask the contractor about how long he or she thinks the project will last. A good contractor is someone who is upfront with you and will give you a range of dates to compensate for any unforeseen problems like finding mold inside the wall. Bad contractors may promise to get the work done faster than possible just to get you as a customer.

Do You Have References Available?

Looking at references helps you avoid hiring someone who does a poor job. Many people focus more on cost than experience and hire people who take too long to finish the job. You also risk hiring someone who charges you for expensive materials but uses cheaper materials and pockets the cash. A common scam is one in which a person accepts a home renovation job, encourages the residents to leave for the day and then brings in a crew to rob the home of anything valuable. Asking for references helps you avoid all these problems.

What is the Expected Cost?

Before starting a home renovation project, you already have an idea in mind of how much you want to spend and how much you can afford to spend. Don’t be afraid to ask the contractor for the expected cost of the project. It’s helpful to get bids from multiple contractors. Bids are what they tell you it will cost to do the job. Instead of picking the cheapest bid, you might pick a contractor who charges a little more but has more references. Asking for bids from multiple contractors helps you see the average rate for the job in your area.

Though you may want to do some jobs around your home, contractors can tackle the harder jobs that you need doing. No matter how many contractors you meet with before choosing one, always ask questions about their experience, the cost of the job and their references.

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