Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Criminals

Cyber security is one of the biggest threats to businesses in 2017 and if you think that only large corporations are being targeted by cyber criminals and hackers you would be mistaken. If you have employees, customer financial information, or intellectual property, your business is a target for hackers, and you’re especially vulnerable if you communicate any of this information through email. Email is notoriously insecure and without some kind of encryption service, just about anyone with a will to gain access can intercept these digital communications. Forbes predicts that by 2019, the cost of worldwide cybercrime is set to break the $2 trillion mark, and while data breaches at governments, banks, and big companies make the headlines, much of that money is coming out of the pockets of individuals and small businesses.

Security experts largely identify people as the weakest link in any company’s digital communications supply chain, especially when it comes to phishing attacks. Whereas once upon a time, an individual might receive a transparently fraudulent 419 scheme (also known as the Nigerian prince scam), today fraudsters are taking a much smarter approach. By spying on a company’s emails, they learn how it operates and who its most important customers and business partners are. If they can’t get the information in the emails themselves, they can then pose as crucial suppliers or customers to get information from an employee.

Your best defense against data breaches and fraud is to secure your communications with PGP encryption for BlackBerry devices, provided by a security company like Myntex, which operates with resellers across the world.

PGP encryption has a number of benefits for small businesses vulnerable to cyber crime, as well as individuals and government organizations, or anyone who has to communicate sensitive data online. Ordinary emails are sent in plain text, that is, anyone can read them, and it’s like sending a postcard in the mail: anyone can read what you’ve written on it, from the post office employees to someone snooping through your mail box. PGP encryption uses the most advanced-grade algorithms to encrypt emails that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

You can learn more about digital signing and how PGP encryption works at and how you can protect your business from phishing, email interception, and data breaches. One of the additional benefits of this software is digital signing with PGP, which allows you to authenticate the identity of an email’s sender. Phishing attacks on small businesses are successful because your employees don’t question the legitimacy of the information they see on their screen; if it appears to be from a key customer or supplier, they are much more likely to freely give over sensitive information. While you should also train your employees to be cautious before handing out sensitive data and that it’s never a bad idea to communicate doubts when they have them, digital signing can take out the guesswork.

One to look for in a PGP encryption provider is an in-house data center so that you know for certain that your data never winds up in third-party hands. Offshore servers can seriously compromise the security of your information, so companies like Myntex use their own data centers in order to limit both digital and physical access to them. Don’t let your company expose itself to a security breach; introduce better security measures today.

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