Practical solutions to help stimulate the brain of your teenager


Here are some practical solutions to stimulate the adolescent brain while avoiding depression and fostering creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

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Many more changes occur in the brain of an individual during adolescence than at any other period of his life. Unfortunately, depression, addiction and risky behavior are an obstacle to this process in some adolescents.

Help interpret the world

If there is one thing that has a tendency to sue us in life, it is this tendency to see the world in black and white. Helping a teenager to overcome it but the help foster creativity.

  • To help expand opportunities for your teen, discuss different interpretations of their books, movies, favorite artwork or even experiences at school.
  • While talking with them about these issues, show them that we should not stop at the surface of things and their brains will explore places that many adults can only dream of.

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Provide personal expression

Personal expression is essential to good levels.

  • Foster capacity of a young person to express them, either through interpretative dance, music, writing, sewing, painting and even doodling, is extremely important.
  • Help them find their creative outlet obviously gives them a way to explore their creativity, but it can also reduce feelings of depression.
  • Depression is a serious problem for many teenagers, and giving a teenager a single outlet that puts a smile on their face could mean a lot to them.

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Focus on constant exposure

Getting to that a young person opens up to you is quite a difficult thing, even when they are exposed to new experiences, so imagine the added difficulty when the teen is not limited to what he knows.

  • So, allow teens to constantly have new experiences.
  • This does not mean sending them to raves or wild parties, of course, but to take them to museums, art exhibitions, theater shows or something where they show a keen interest to learn more – one of these experiences can be really instructive.
  • Basically, you want to allow your teen to live more than offer him the home and school.

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Giving voice to teens to express themselves

Teenagers will hardly be motivated or only grow if they have no control over their environment. It is necessary to let them express themselves on the decisions that are taken.

  • A great way to do it is to discuss expectations on both sides and even they would rather do chores at home.
  • This can go up to let teens feel that the world around them does not control.

We all fail from time to time

Nobody wants to see their teen fail, but without fail, there is no learning. After all, a problem is not one unless its effects are experienced.

Besides, what could teach a teenager if he thinks his parents will always save him from his failures?

  • Instead of lecturing to a teenager after his failure, it is important to ask questions and talk about the situation.
  • These experiences of real life are those that promote learning in individuals.

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Keep a permanent communication

To help your teen during a turbulent period of adolescence, keep these tips in mind. But do not forget to keep lines of communication between you and your teen as permanent as possible so that you can easily implement these tips.

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