Now CBDs Can Be Bought in All 50 States, but How Do You Use Them?

There is so much controversy going on over the legalization of marijuana for medical for recreational purposes that it seems as though many people have lost sight of the fact that not all hemp is going to necessarily be psychoactive. Unfortunately, one of the common street names for marijuana over the past hundred years has been ‘hemp’ and that has led to a great deal of misinformation making the rounds.

Not all hemp has high enough psychoactive components, THC, to make a person get high and some types of hemp are not grown for human consumption at all. So, when you see ads for CBD oil to be used for a number of symptoms such as pain, anxiety, sleeplessness or other issues, you needn’t worry that you are going to be arrested! There is CBD oil which can be legally bought and sold in all 50 states and the THC content is so minimal that it even falls below federal regulations. Given this, and if you are new to CBDs, you are probably asking how you would use it.

Before You Start – A Look at Known Medicinal Properties

Since there has been such a preponderance of misguided advice on the internet, it perhaps would be advisable to understand the difference between verifiable results and mere conjecture or sales hype. There are ample studies to authenticate that CBDs can be beneficial for:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Panic Disorders
  • Nausea

But, there really isn’t ‘proof’ that cannabis, particularly CBDs, can cure cancer, although you will hear that said. Some reports make the assumption that cannabis cured those with inoperable, incurable tumors, but could those instances have been a fluke? There is really no way of telling since scientific evidence isn’t forthcoming to authenticate those claims. However, there have been multiple studies on the above named conditions and the evidence is in. CBDs have been undoubtedly proven to be effective if used properly and in certain portions of the population. Bear in mind here that we are talking about the legal use of CBD in terms of government guidelines, and not marijuana sold in dispensaries in legal states.

Sublingual Tinctures

One of the ways in which to take CBD is to use a sublingual tincture. These are going to be very potent, so only a few drops will offer the desired effect. When using a CBD tincture, make absolutely certain to follow the instructions so that you are getting enough to alleviate your symptoms but not more than necessary. No, you won’t overdose, but you can get mighty sick. It’s odd how the very same medicine that can relieve nausea can cause the very same problem if you’ve taken a bit too much. Use your sublingual drops sparingly.

CBD Oil to Be Vaped

Those who are into vaping might want to try vaping CBD oil. There are a few kinds out there. The most common two are flavored and unflavored oils that you only need add a drop or two to your vaping e-fluid to get the desired effect. This type of oil has been formulated especially for vaping and should not be used in any other fashion. Also, the reverse holds true. You should never try vaping CBD oil that was developed to be eaten, rubbed on skin, or taken as sublingual drops. Only use your CBDs the way the developer or manufacturer says they can be safely used.

CBD Topicals

Some kinds of CBD oils are formulated to penetrate the upper layers of the dermis in order to pass the medicine through to the veins and capillaries that run just under the skin. These are said to take a bit longer to enter the system, but are as effective. It is a method of choice for those who don’t smoke and don’t want to try even vaping, which is completely different. Even so, not being a smoker, some people choose to steer clear of vaping. Topicals can be scented or scent free and each manufacturer will have a specific concentration so you, again, will need to follow the directions very carefully.

What about High CBD Marijuana Strains?

Here is one of those areas that sort of falls between the cracks. Take for example a strain called ‘Charlotte’s Web’. This was a marijuana strain that was specifically developed as a hybrid and has less than three-tenths of a percent of THC associated with it while it contains roughly 13% in volume of CBDs. The young girl for whom it was developed suffered from seizures and upon being given this particular strain, found her seizures ended. Whether or not you can get it in your state is questionable since it is a strain of marijuana, but in states where it is legal to shop in dispensaries, this would be one strain to consider if you are looking for anti-seizure medication or for a strain that has a calming effect on your nerves.

Where Legal – To Smoke or Not to Smoke that Is the Question

There is also a great deal of controversy over whether or not the act of smoking CBDs negates any benefits which can be derived. This has been a very vocal debate because both sides feel just as passionately about their beliefs. On the one side, you have those saying that smoking marijuana, albeit a form low in THC, does not have the same dangers as smoking tobacco cigarettes. But opponents say that it is not the nicotine that is carcinogenic, but rather the burning tobacco that contains carcinogens. In fact, they do have a point because no one says red meat causes cancer, but they do say that smoked red meat is thought to be a factor leading to some kinds of cancer.

So which is it? Oddly, it has been stated that there are more than four thousand different chemicals in the smoke of a tobacco cigarette but no one seems to be telling us just how many chemicals are in the smoke of burning cannabis. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the government was quick to allow CBD products to be developed for consumers, but are reluctant to legalize marijuana containing beyond a certain percentage of THC.

With alcohol being legal, you would think they would be a little more liberal in their position on THC, which is nowhere near as dangerous as other prescription medications and certainly not as toxic as alcohol. No one ever succumbed to liver disease from using marijuana, but the number of alcoholics succumbing to liver disease is significant within our population.

The Great Debate Continues

So, there you have it. The great debate continues and with more than half the country now having legal cannabis, medically or recreationally, it is forecast that the federal government will jump on the bandwagon at some future time. Even the American Legion is urging President Trump to revisit the benefits of cannabis for vets with post-traumatic stress disorder and as a traditional ultra-conservative group, that is saying something about how the attitude of many Americans has begun to shift a bit.

Even so, cannabis is still not legal everywhere and so patients suffering from the above illnesses and conditions need to seek relief in legal forms of CBD. This should not pose a problem for those authentically seeking relief because they are not looking to get high but rather to be relieved of the issues causing them distress.

Unfortunately, the debate doesn’t end there because proponents of legalization say that the inclusion of THC helps CBDs as a sort of catalyst and they also claim that the pain and nausea relieving properties are magnified when both THC and CBDs are consumed, with a higher concentration of CBDs, of course.

The Bottom Line Is Legal Relief

Having said all of the above, it still needs to be said that the only legal way to receive the benefits of CBDs is in oil, tinctures, e-liquids or topicals. At this time, only CBDs are legal in all states and those with such a minute amount of THC as to be virtually unmeasurable. The good news is that there are products which meet these regulations and they can be, and are, available around the world. It is imperative that you thoroughly check the website you order from so that you know, without a doubt, that their products are compliant with the laws where you live.

Now you can buy CBDs in various forms in all 50 states and around the world as well, but if you have never tried this particular type of relief for your symptoms, it is advisable that you research thoroughly the type of product you are considering. You also should consult with your family physician to see if this remedy is safe for you personally. Although there is no evidence that anyone ever died from an overdose of CBDs, safe use of cannabinoids is also recommended. More is not always better, so always use as per the directions for maximum relief and safety.

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