Mobile Video Consumption is on the Rise as are Monetization Opportunities

Mobile video advertising soared in 2016 and experts tell us that the trend isn’t likely to change this year. It’s predicted that mobile video viewing will finally surpass desktop video and according to, the latest stats reveal that people spend on average 39 minutes a day on their mobile devices watching video, compared with the desktop viewing average of 24 minutes.

If you’re looking to acquire more users and monetize the consumption of mobile videos, then mobile video advertising is definitely the right move. According to Clearbridge Mobile (a top mobile app company in Canada that has worked with major digital media players such as Samsung, Bell, and USA Today), the rise of programmatic buying for digital video will not be abating, which presents huge opportunities for app development and video advertising. However, any media company that wishes to capitalize on this trend needs to recognize that monetizing mobile app technology is a complex play that should be handled by a professional team.

2016 was a massive year for streaming video on the web, and that means that the paradigm will continue to evolve. The ways that people are watching and consuming video content, the technologies and platforms involved, as well as the video production trends themselves are constantly changing and being re-adapted. are all changing.

The rate at which people watch videos on the internet will not be slowing down. TV subscriptions have been declining significantly, meaning that companies are moving to on-the-go or a la carte consumption models — changing the face of digital video advertising. Globally, a quarter of all Internet users watch an online video everyday, and are thus exposed to the potential for in-stream advertising.

We are also witnessing an increase in user engagement because more people are watching videos for longer. This will be an important factor in the expansion of video advertising this year. Expect to see a major increase in video advertising in 2016 as more companies wizen up and take advantage of video conversion rates and the ability to target customers based on personalized web advertising.

A recent study by iMedia Connection tells us that in 2015, online advertising revenue for videos was about $ 7.7 billion and rose by another 20% in 2016. This is because online video advertising has the highest click-through rate of any single form of web advertising — clocking in at about 1.84 percent. And we are likely to see this number increase even more through 2017, as increased smartphone ownership, additional viewers, and faster bandwidth will continue to push those numbers higher.

As stated above, for video advertising to truly shine in the app economy, sophisticated targeting combined with non-obtrusive ad formats for increased user engagement will be an absolute requirement.

When partnering with a mobile app developer be sure to ask a number of questions that proves they know how to keep your company — and your content — relevant, engaging, and viable. It pays to know how often ads be shown, what filters are being used, how well the platforms and networks match your target demographic? Always remember that the better the match, the more profitable your overall monetization strategy will be. Video advertising is a great way for developers to raise the profile of their mobile presence and acquire valuable users — just make sure you partner with the right third party app developer.

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