Keep Your Diesel Or Heavy Duty Truck On The Road

You’ve got a job to do, so when your truck needs repairs or maintenance, you need to know that you’re going to be able to depend on it to get the job done. You don’t have time to waste with mechanics who don’t know their way around a diesel engine; you need highly trained diesel mechanics who know what they’re doing to diagnose the problem and get to work fixing it right away.

Diesel engines are supposed to last forever, right? As many truck drivers know, it’s easier to keep a vehicle running when you drive it all the time rather than stashing it in the garage. Over at Truck Trend, they explain that regular driving, maintenance, and breaking and fixing will actually extend your vehicle’s life span. When it comes to the engine, you should always keep an eye out for early warning signs, including smoke and a dip in oil pressure. Take it in for a compression test if you start to notice your engine losing power. Body problems typically take the form of rust and corrosion, a frequent problem for Canadian truck owners, as road salt can do a number on your vehicle. Finally, any problems in the electrical system in your truck should definitely be left to a professional mechanic.

The three most common problems with diesel and heavy trucks are mechanical problems, electrical problems, and body problems. Regular use means the parts of your truck wear down and eventually the engine and drivetrain stop spinning – the issue is that no one, not even the manufacturer, knows exactly when that will happen.

Only a few GTA Ford dealers have mechanics specially trained on this diesel engines, though you can find them at dealers like Colony Ford Brampton. Diesel engine mechanics have a long list of responsibilities and areas of expertise:

  • Reading and understanding heavy truck operating manuals
  • Diagnosing computerized equipment
  • Performing basic maintenance as well as identifying worn parts and defects like bearings, pistons, and gears
  • Testing and repairing engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems

To find all of this expertise under one roof, you have to go a dealer with specialist mechanics like Colony Ford Brampton. When your truck needs repairs, whether it’s regular maintenance or a major job, bring it in to the pros and get back on the road in no time. It’s always a good idea to call ahead for all of your service, parts, and heavy truck maintenance needs.

Your Toronto Ford dealer shouldn’t just be about making the sale, they should be about building relationships with their customers. That means taking care of all of their auto needs, especially service and repair. Too many Ford dealers in Toronto aren’t much help once you’ve signed the papers, but dealers like Colony Ford Brampton can help you order parts, change your tires, and get major repairs done at their service facility. You depend on your vehicle, whether it only takes you to work or if it helps you get the job done. Take your heavy duty truck in for the repairs it needs today.

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