iPhone and iPad users massively complained about the failure of the device due to iOS 10


Some owners of the iPhone and iPad when you try to upgrade the operating system to iOS 10 faced with a serious problem. Users have complained that the installation “on air” the new operating system results in an error, reports the inability to recover the device and the proposal to connect the gadget to iTunes. The Apple confirmed the existence of a failure.

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Debuting September 13 firmware iOS 10 is a major release of the Apple software with a large list of changes. Among the most significant innovations: the new lock screen, the updated system notifications on the lock screen, enhanced messages, “wiser” Photos app updated Apple Music interface cards and a number of other standard applications. iPhone learned to wake up automatically when users take their hand (this is true only for the SE, 6S and 7).

Some iPhone users, iPod touch, and iPad after attempting to upgrade your device to iOS 10 got the error. We are talking about various gadgets, regardless of the model. After the reboot, the display shows an icon with the image of iTunes, that signals the transition gadget into recovery mode. When connected to a computer message appears: “With your iPhone a problem that requires an update or restore the device”.

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Initially, there were assumptions about the congestion Apple servers due to a large number of concurrent requests, but in Cupertino have denied these reports. According to the company, it is a failure on the side of the company.

“We know about the problem with the process of updating the software, which has affected a small number of users in the first hour of the release. The problem was quickly resolved, we apologize to our users. Those who are affected by the problem, you need to connect your device to iTunes to complete the upgrade or contact AppleCare for help “, – said in a statement Apple.

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Judging by the numerous posts to twitter, a problem with iOS 10 spread widely enough. In order to return the iPhone or iPod to a working state, must perform a few simple steps:

  1. Connect your mobile device to your Mac or PC and open iTunes.
  2. Reload your iPhone or iPod into recovery mode by holding down the button and turn off the Home and holding them until the transition of the message.
  3. After that, the iTunes window appears asking you to update or restore the device.”Update” you should choose.
  4. If the unit will take longer than 15 minutes, repeat steps 1-3 are advised.
  5. After updating the device back to its configuration.

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In iOS 10 voice assistant, you can add the basic functions and further enhance the capacity of the function with the support of the application. After the release of the new OS in the App Store became available the first applications that are integrated with the virtual assistant Apple.

For the first time, developers can use Siri intellectual capabilities and offer users to manage applications using voice commands. Using Sirikit, developers create applications that support voice assistant for messaging, making calls, search photos, travel booking, payment, and personal training.

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But if this statement will not return to the life of a Smartphone or tablet, it should be held in an authorized facility.

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