Improve Your Dealership’s Lead Strategy

Buying leads isn’t cheap and so many of them are cold you’re left wondering why you spent that money on a third party source anyway. If you’re sick of paying for bad information, it’s time to reinvent your lead generation strategy and start finding and growing leads organically with the assets you already have and a little bit of help. Some strategies work better than others and many will depend on the talents and know-how of your sales team, but these are some of the ways car dealerships today are building their marketing strategy.

Social Media – If you’re not happy with the leads you’re getting, it’s time to go out and find them, something that’s never been easier than on social media today. In addition to providing valuable content on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you also have to go out and find the people who are talking about your products. By searching for keywords relevant to your business (i.e. makes and models) you can find the people in your area who are talking about your cars and address them specifically with targeted promotions.

Sales Events – The good old fashioned sales event is still a powerful way to build relationships with people in your community, but you can’t just decorate with balloons and expect people to come through your door. Hold a community-inspired event like a BBQ, music show, or charity auction – and if you’re going to do giveaways, items like gift cards to local retailers and free food generally do better than branded swag bags.

Targeted Promotions – It’s always a good idea to stay in touch with customers who’ve bought from you before, which you can do through a newsletter (especially via email) or emailing new, relevant promotions to past customers. Keep detailed lists about your previous clients, including what they purchased from you and whether or not they took advantage of any incentives in order to tailor your future communications to their profile. If you use an online car dealer chat, you may also want to look into the possibility of a publishing feature on your website that matches the incentives it shows to the viewer based on their viewing history on your site.

Live Chat for Car Dealers – Speaking of live chat, a 24/7 managed chat room service may be the tool you need to turn your website, your dealer’s best pre-existing asset, into a lean, mean, lead generating machine. A managed service also requires the least time investment from your salespeople, who are probably already busy handling lot traffic and following up with past customers. However, some services are designed to make it easy for go-getter salespeople to get involved, such as the Gubagoo system that allows members of your sales team to enter the conversation from their mobile or desktop. If a potential customer has more detailed questions about pricing than an operator can provide, the operator will aim to get email or phone information for a salesperson to follow up with. However, if an attentive salesperson is following the conversation, they can keep contact going seamlessly and really aim right for the test drive appointment.

However, it’s still an effective tool if you prefer a hands-off approach, and if, like Gubagoo, the service includes dynamic, personalized scripts and inventory integration, it’s a relevant resource that will leave your customers satisfied with the results. It’s time you took your outreach strategy into your own hands and started getting those leads yourself: start with managed live chat for car dealers.

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