Improve the investment doubles tennis expert advice

tennis expert advice

Well placed for the buck is important in all forms of tennis, but it is crucial in doubles. Here are some expert tips to get there.

 tennis expert advice
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With two players on one side of the court, you must plan your investment so that you and your partner can cover ground without disturbing you at each other.

The left-right tactics

When you play left-right, it is important to react to the placement of your partner. This means moving from left to right in tandem with each other.

  • Think about how far you are from your partner when receiving a service and try to keep this distance during an exchange.
  • If your partner needs to leave the court to return a ball, move at the same speed at the center of the court.This will help players to cover the space that their partner leaves uncovered.
  • And that means it will be much harder for your opponents to reach a difficult area to defend you and your partner.

     tennis expert advice
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The front-back technical

The technique where both players are placed on the net is called “two-front”.

  • The practice occasionally is a good idea to counter attack your opponents’ options, especially if they have been winning shots.

You and your partner can keep you in the middle of each side of the court and regain stolen.

  • But beware – this tactic may mean that your opponents will try to make jobs, so decide in advance who will face this defense.

Remember that it is also possible to play with two partners on or near the baseline line.

  • This “two behind” strategy is right to manage “big hitters”.Doubles players tend to use it if the fly is not their strength or are in the lead, and they want to defend.

In games with a lot of back and forth, quickly switch to “two up” to “two steps back” is often the most effective strategy.

 tennis expert advice
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In the playing area, a player is close to the net and the other occupies the baseline line.

  • To play with this tactic, you and your partner must each occupy one side of the court.This means that you leave everything outside your area to your partner and vice versa.
  • Sharing short actually looks like a solid strategy, but your opponents will probably try to get you out of your position.
  • Consequently, strong discipline and coordination are the keys to the success of the area of play.

     tennis expert advice
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The importance of positional play

No matter your skill level when you play doubles, you will see that the probability of winning points improves greatly if you are able to coordinate with your partner to have a good investment play.

  • The investment game is important doubles tennis because it increases the number of referrals that you and your partner can manage in an exchange.
  • After all, even if it is not perfect, each return forces your opponents to negotiate the ball, and mistakes can be made.

     tennis expert advice
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So keep these expert tips in mind to help you and your partner, to improve you duplicated.

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