If You’re A Technology Re-seller, An Importer Of Record Can Help You Get The Job Done

Cloud computing is no longer a buzz word, but currently the world’s leading technological trend both in public and private spheres. From organizations using Instagram and Twitter feeds to market their brands, to people all around the world streaming their favourite TV shows off Netflix after coming home from their work day, it is clear that cloud-based services are in high demand and here to stay. At this time, Facebook currently holds the number one spot; in order for Facebook to transmit their signals however, and reach users all over the globe at the rapid rate that is expected of them, they require the IT infrastructure in every country that offers their network.

Every time a cloud-based service provider expands, they must establish this base. To begin doing so, they need to procure the necessary equipment, often leasing it from a technology reseller. At this point, it is the reseller’s duty to ensure that the shipment of goods arrives at their client’s doorstep safely, and on schedule. However, the process is not always simple. IT equipment, much like any dual-use or controlled use good is treated with scrutiny at the border. If the exporting entity (the reseller) does not obtain the proper documentation, permits, and clearances to present to customs at the receiving country, these shipments (which are often valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars) can unfortunately be held until the required clearances are secured. This can pose significant costs to both the reseller and client, especially when time is of the essence.

To prevent such instances, many countries have made it mandatory for an Importer of Record to sign off on packages bearing sensitive contents or materials. Because not-for-sale transactions have no customer or local company expert in imports meeting the package at the border to clear the goods, these resellers must look to a third-party service.

If you are a reseller who requires the services of an Importer of Record (IoR), consider going with a global distribution partner. Not only will they be able to act as your IoR, but they will apply for the necessary permits and clearances on your behalf, ensuring the accuracy of your documentation. Partners such as TecEx are well versed in the import and export regulations in 136 countries and they will guide you through the process from the moment your quote is approved. They also have the ability to provide you with an import VAT tax rebate in 40 countries where such a rebate is offered.

Where highly sensitive and expensive IT equipment is concerned, cross-border transactions are not to be taken lightly. If cloud-based service providers are relying on a timely shipment for the success of their business, it is up to you, the reseller, to see that the goods come through. Working with a specialist in imports ensures you do not have to take on this complicated process alone, guaranteeing your equipment is accepted across borders compliantly every time.

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