Ideal diets for weight lose


We must choose the diet that best suits our needs. Remember that if we want to maintain the weight once we have lost, we must keep with the same pattern of meals. Today tends the opportunity to choose from a variety diet that best suits your needs. Each and every one of these diets has been tested and have been very successful to many people in all parts of the world.

Also, the most important thing is that they are diets that in addition to helping lose those extra kilos, allow us to change the way you eat for the rest of our lives, never to gain weight and always very healthy and when combined with some Exercises will make us look like an enviable figure.

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The raw diet

In this raw diet consumed in as many fruits and vegetables, it can be somewhat boring preparation, but the reward is that much weight is lost in a short time. It is said that raw foods have enzymes and nutrients that do much good to our health, in addition to helping to lose weight. On this diet , eat fruits, vegetables, nuts , seeds, herbs and also in its natural state. This diet is a bit expensive.

The Atkins

With this diet carbohydrates in order to lose a lot of weight in a short time are suppressed. This diet has four steps during which progressively we are adding more carbohydrates to the desired weight. An additional benefit offered us is that helps lower levels cholesterol and control blood pressure. it is easy to follow.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet is very balanced in which low weight is lost, but steadily. Ningín food is not removed, simply put some limits. With this diet, cardiovascular diseases are prevented and it is also very easy to follow.

The eight-hour diet

With this diet only allowed to eat within eight hours, I gave three days a week. If you eat your first food at 10, that means that the last meal will be at 18. This way you will fast for 16 hours in which the body will burn the fat left over. You are allowed to eat three large meals or snacks, whatever you want, but low in sugars and carbohydrates.

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The Milf Diet

His name you may seem very strange, but it is actually a very balanced diet, with which you will learn to eat and weight of a fairly easy and healthy way is lost. In this diet must be put aside sugars, processed foods and also all dairy.

The detoxifying diet

These deter diets are of short duration, three to five days only, the foods eaten on this diet are fruits and vegetables raw or in soups. These diets are only used to clean the body and prepare it and then continue with a more complete or balanced diet containing more nutrients, so as not to unbalance the body.

All these diets are very effective, and it does not matter which one they are going to follow, all they have to do is follow it correctly, be very judicious and constant, and combine it with a good exercise routine

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