Idea Management, Helping Your Team Turn Ideas Into Success

The key to having a great work force is to ensure that you have one who are encouraged to think of fresh, new and creative ideas which can propel your business further. Whilst your role as business owner is of course to ensure that the company continuously moves forwards to success, it is important that you also work with your team on turning their ideas into reality. It is principally for this reason that idea management should be taken seriously at your business and here is how you can support your team to have ideas, and help them to realize them.

Open Environment

The first step in managing ideas fro your team is to create an environment whereby the team feel that they can come to you with ideas that they may have. The key to this is to have excellent communication skills an be ready to listen to any idea whenever someone comes to you. Let your staff know that you welcome their ideas and listen to them when they have one.

Being Honest

When someone comes to you with an idea, tell them that you will think about it and get back to them. In the mean time, you need to analyze this idea from top to bottom and write down any questions which you may have about how it will work out. If the idea is an absolute no-go, for whatever reason, it is vita that you tell that person, but do so in a way that doesn’t discourage them. If the idea could have legs, bring your staff member in for a follow up meeting and discuss the idea further to iron out the creases.

Trial Period

Many ideas which your staff may come up with could be very simple to implement and should they fail, most ideas are unlikely to cause much damage. For this reason you should always look to try out new ideas for a short amount of time. A trial period of a new idea will give the team confidence that you are actually prepared to try out their idea, and could encourage more ideas from them in the future.


Should you decide to put someone’s idea into practice, you must give them the chief responsibility of the progress of the idea, and the management of it. Many people may like to suggest a good idea but when it comes to actually taking it forward, they lack confidence. The key for you is to give your team the confidence and the positive thinking that their idea could work and giving them sole responsibility for it, no matter how large or small, is a great way to help your employee grow.

You must avoid at all costs the notion that you are the only person in the business who can have a bright idea and understand that a success for the business is a success for you, no matter who thought of the idea, now is not a time for ego.

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