How You Can Turn Your Garage into a DIY Workshop

Garages are primarily designed for parking your car in, but for a lot of us they just become a giant storage area.

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If your garage is just a big dumping ground for various items you can’t fit in the house, alongside kids bikes and empty suitcases, you might decide it’s time for a change and consider turning your garage into useful space by creating a DIY workshop.

Clear Some Space

The first thing you need to do is have a good sort and a clear out. It’s hard work to do anything if you need to move a pile of bikes and empty paint tins to one side before you start.

The reality is you are unlikely to be able to turn your whole garage over to a workshop, but it’s a good idea to organise and split the garage into workshop space in one part, household stuff in another.

Some things like bikes can be difficult to store, but there are storage solutions out there, from hanging racks to outdoor units. This article from The Telegraph shows some possible ideas to inspire you.

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Organise Your Space

It will be a lot easy to map out separate areas and to create a dedicated workshop area if you have everything organised. Both on the household side of things and the workshop side, it will be useful to have storage units, plastic boxes, and garage shelving to organise and store items in and on.

You can buy storage solutions both on the high street and via online shops such as, which should help you to get your space neat, tidy and organised.

Create Your Workspace

You need storage for all your tools and equipment, and wall mounted storage can be a space saver.

Next consider your lighting. You may need brighter lights, and alongside overhead lights, may need directional lamps shining down onto your work area.

You will also need to choose or even build a suitable workbench – ensure it’s sturdy and robust enough to withstand any projects you might wish to do on it. Also ensure it will fit the space you have available in your garage.

Finally try to keep the workspace clear at the end of each working session, making it so much easier next time you have a DIY task to perform.

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