How to Wrinkle Eyebrows for Man?

Man Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your eyes and play a role in the seductive side of your face and it is, therefore, essential to take good care of it. Today, many men care about the appearance of their eyebrows. Indeed, when you have small hairs between the two eyebrows or under these deniers, your face may look little symmetrical and these hairs are not necessarily very aesthetic. If you wash in eyebrow hair removal, it is essential that you know how you should extract the hair to do it in the least painful way possible. We invite you to read your reading of this article from subliminalnoize to discover our tips for men on How to pluck eyebrows.

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Men usually have thick, bushy but well-defined eyebrows, so you have to extract the hair too much while always respecting the natural shape of your eyebrow, without exaggerating too much to avoid too thin eyebrows that can modify the expression of Your look and the harmony of your face.

If you want to shape your eyebrows yourself, it is essential to, before starting the waxing, take into account the advice we will give you below, because if you make the mistake of depilating yourself completely The eyebrow hairs, there is no turning back possible and you will have to wait until you eyebrows grow back:

Do not forget that the purpose of hair removal is to make your eyebrows more beautiful and not to completely change them, so you must respect both their original shape and thickness.

Do not start waxing your eyebrows unthinkingly, you just have to remove the excess hairs in areas like the forehead and under the eyebrow. The goal is to have clean and well-defined eyebrows without reshaping your eyebrows.

Too much hair between the two eyebrows can give your face a somewhat neglected, hard and unattractive look. This is the area you will need to take the most attention if you want to wax your eyebrows and you are a man.

Under no circumstances should you remove the hair you have on the upper part of the eyebrow because in this case, you will get very feminine eyebrows?Man Eyebrows

In addition to all these tips, we advise you to perform the hair removal just after the shower so that this treatment is not too painful. Indeed, at this time, the pores of the skin are very open and you will be able to extract the hair with much more ease.

Many men choose to shave some areas of the eyebrows with wax, however, this method is not recommended by specialists who recommend instead to use tweezers. The tweezers unlike wax do not cause loss of the natural protective layer of the skin and do not affect its firmness and softness. Before starting to use them, it is important to disinfect them with a little alcohol so that they are completely clean. Finally, in addition to the tweezers, you can use a mirror to much better see where are the little hairs you want to pluck.Man Eyebrows

To remove the eyebrows in the man, one must start with the forehead which is the zone where the hair grows most and which most affect the appearance of your face. Take the tweezers and start removing all the small hairs between the eyebrows one by one, starting to shoot firmly to remove all hairs on the line from the nose to the forehead and, once this is done, At the beginning of the eyebrows.

You have to be particularly meticulous for this area because if you remove too much hair, your eyebrows will not be harmonious. To give them the perfect shape, first, take a pencil and place it on the wing of the nose in a vertical position so that it passes through the inner corner of the eye until the birth of the eyebrow.

When you have the space between the eyebrows completely shaved, you can begin removing hair under the eyebrow arch. We recommend that you do not remove too much hair, only those that look too much or are particularly large near your eyelid. Do it from the inside and try not to remove too much hair to prevent it from being too thin or thin.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, you must not remove the hair that is above the eyebrow, remember this detail and avoid at all costs to remove them.Man Eyebrows

Finally, look if you have small, rebellious hairs outside your eyebrows. It is essential to be careful not to twist too much so as not to spoil the natural shape of your eyebrows by first placing a wing pencil from the nostril to the corner of the eye, is precisely here that your eyebrow must end. You must remove all the hair that is outside this point with tweezers.

There you go! Now you just have to brush your eyebrows so that all the hairs remain in place, are perfect and well delimited.

It is possible that after the epilation the area is slightly irritated, so we advise you to apply some moisturizing products or even a natural soothing and regenerating product such as aloe Vera.

If you are one of those who does not support the pair of tweezers, an effective solution to have less harm is to pass an ice cube wrapped in a rag over the area you are going to be tweeting for a few seconds. This way, the area will be numb and hair removal will not be as painful. Dry your skin with a towel before you begin to depilate.Man Eyebrows

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