How to Train Your Rabbit


When you have a pet, it is nice to understand it and interact with it. D resign a pet is the key to better cohabitation. The bond with your pet will only be stronger. The rabbit is a very intelligent animal gives you here some tips to properly train your rabbit.

RabbitEnsure that your rabbit has proper nutrition, that it is in good hygienic conditions and that a veterinarian regularly examines it. If the rabbit is healthy and well fed, it will be easier to train because it will feel good.

Always speak to your rabbit in a pleasant voice so that he has confidence in you. Never shout at him, for he could lose the confidence he has in you and end up thinking that you are a predator. Offer him food, it is a good stimulant. Do it without sudden movements, you will awaken his curiosity. In this way, you will attract it to you. If he approaches and is receptive, try to stroke his forehead. If he becomes frightened, repeat this test at another time.

  • Like all rabbits, your rabbit is stressed easily: so be sure to preserve the calm in his place of habitation.

RabbitIf you want to take your rabbit in your arms to give it a hug, take it with care because the rabbits have a rather delicate skeleton. If your rabbit does not want you to take him in your arms, do not insist: wait and try again when he is more receptive. Never force it. Respect his mood.

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If your rabbit is out of his cage, put a mark on it. Rabbits usually do their needs in the same place and normally in a corner. If, at some point, he is doing his needs where he should not, tell him NO firmly and move him to the mark. You must repeat the operation as it is urinating so that it understands. If he does, reward him when he finishes. When you teach her to do her needs in a specific place, leave the dirty cage for a few days to feel the urine and the rabbit associates it with her needs, but clean it as soon as it becomes dirty.

RabbitDo not forget to let your rabbit come out of his cage for at least half an hour a day for exercise. When you put it back in its cage, guide it back to the door by pushing it a little from behind or placing food in its cage to make it enter. For this to work, it is very important that it does not fear you. Otherwise, he will hide: never take it brutally.

  • Never get upset over your rabbit and remember that patience and tenderness are the key elements to be able to train.

RabbitIt may happen that your rabbit does not desire caresses. If you take him in your arms, he can scratch or bite you so that you leave him alone. You must not take it wrong, respect its desires and find out what makes it fun.

  • To be able to train your rabbit and cohabit with him, you must get to know him.

This article is purely informative, and it does not have the capability to prescribe veterinary treatment or diagnoses. We invite you to bring your pet to the vet if it presents genes or a discomfort.

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