How to tell if someone hacks your Wi-Fi


Do you think someone is using your wireless network? Some signs may show that a third party is using your connection and it is not that hard to know if this is not the case. It is important to check this information because, if it is not your neighbor or a person at the bar at the bottom of your home, the person accessing your network could also be a hacker and could commit illegal acts that could lead you to a tribunal. In this article of subliminalnoize, how we will explain How to know if your Wi-Fi has been hacked. We invite you to follow, systematically, the recommendations that you will give us to know if your connection is protected.

To know if you are stealing your Wi-Fi, you must first check your Internet connection. It is true that on days of wind or rain, the connection can be affected and at times, your navigation can become slower than usual. However, in general, Wi-Fi always works correctly. Therefore, if lately, you see that your connection is slower than usual, someone may be using your network.

Wi-FiIn addition to speed, you can also see if your router light for Wi-Fi (or WLAN) is flashing after turning off all devices (including smartphones). If so, it is a clear indication that someone is using your network.

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In addition to this method, you can also check if someone is stealing your Wifi using online tools and available for both Windows and Mac. We will show you various applications that you can use when you log in:

Microsoft Windows and Apple

  • Wireless Watcher Network
  • Microsoft Networking

Android mobile devices.

  • Fing
  • Network Discovery
  • Network Scan

IOS Mobile Devices

  • Fing
  • IP Network Scanner
  • iNet

The only flaw in these tools is that they cannot detect computers that are connected to the network, and there is no way to access a list of other IP addresses that have been able to connect to your network without thread.

Wi-FiAnother way to know How to know if your Wi-Fi has been hacked is to consult your return. This device has a folder that will let you know if, in addition to you, a person is connected to your network right now. To do this, you must enter the router’s management interface and, therefore, click your IP address in the navigation bar (on the same router).

You will see a box open and there, enter the following code: config / all. After clicking on “Intro”, you will see an address appear in the browser bar, copy it and the interface of your router will open. The router will prompt you for the username and password that you can find in your router’s manual or on the sticker.

You will then have to search the history of your device connected to Wi-Fi. This information usually appears in the DHCP section, or if you visit the network partners, a registry will appear. Clicking this option will see all the IP addresses connected to your router and there you will see if actually someone is actually between using your wireless connection.

If a hacker connects to your network and successfully navigates with your connection, it can commit various computer crimes and endanger your integrity as a person. Keep in mind that these people can use networks to attack banks, download criminal files (weapons, drugs, pedophiles, etc.) or commit any kind of fraud so be extremely careful! If you do not detect this connection on time, it is possible that the police will eventually stop you.

Wi-FiYou can avoid hacking your Wi-Fi by following a few simple steps that will improve the security of your network and help you protect yourself:

  • Change password: If you use the default password specified by the manufacturer, it is best to change it and replace it with a password containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, which will be a lot more difficult to hack.
  • Configure Router: A router option allows you to specify that only the devices you want can connect to it. As a result, if someone tries to connect, you will not be able to do so easily.
  • Renaming your Wi-Fi: If you change the default name of the SSID, the person who wants to connect to your device will not be able to find it, or share your connection if someone else is looking for a wireless connection. To find you vote login, you will have to manually enter the name you gave.

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