How to recover data when factory reset is applied intentionally or unintentionally on your device

In the modern world, many electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PC’s are fortified with a special software feature called a “Factory Data Reset”. This option erases all the information in the device as part of the process of restoring its software to the original manufacturers setting.

As result of the factory data reset this will remove all your data either personnel or office work from your hard disks such as pictures, emails or messages. accidentally event of such a data loss, you can use the different type of recovery software to save your data before its totally overwritten.

A factory reset of the device involves a complete reformatting of the hard drive. This makes a device into that stage from when you purchased it without any social or personal apps, photos, emails or contact that you saved from it. The internal hard drive of the system is totally cleaned off nonessential data that wasn’t present, looks like you first activate this device.

The manufacturer creates an operation of the existing operating system with the default setting. Each time the device is formatted, it reverts to its default setting and erases every type of data.

The question arises where your files go after factory reset? When factory data reset is performed on the device all your photos, emails, chats, messages contacts and other personal data are rub out from the internal storage of that device. However, this is not considered as the secure wipe of data from the device.

Which means the original internal storage records aren’t overwritten with zeros. The imprint of your files is still available on the physical hard drive even it is accessible through the device interface or you have to use the free data recovery software to recover it.

When the file is deleted from the hard drive, whether intentionally or accidentally, it is still accessible using free data recovery software or if data is large paid features are also available in the market. This software easily secures your hard drive and locate any recoverable data, make the backup of the lost file and gradually recover into the savage file.

Prior to running data recovery, the software scans your hard drive and deliver a preview of the recoverable file. You can easily select those files which are important to you and then by clicking next you resurrect file of any type of size, from photos to contact.

The only instance when data recovery is possible if you encrypted your device as restoring setting would create a whole new install index that will render any old data inaccessible. Without the use of an original key to decrypt the files or folder on a device the recovery chances are less, even you use the best recovery software from the market. If your device wasn’t encrypted and it hadn’t been too long for restoring your device. There is an even greater chance that you will be able to recover it from complete removal. But sometimes, you can still expect to recover your data after factory reset because of the consistency of the data recovery software.

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