How to Properly Place Bets on the US Open for a Better Chance of Success

Whilst Wimbledon is, and will probably always be, the big grand arena for those who enjoy tennis, there’s no denying that the US Open has gained a lot of popularity, and a much enjoyed second best – some may even argue that the US Open offers pleasures no other tournament can. It attracts the great champions of the world, and is sure to give you value for money.

When it comes to placing a little bet, it’s guaranteed to give you plenty of choices – and plenty of possible outcomes, as well. The question then becomes: how do you decide where to put your money, and how do you pick the right games? You can learn more about the US Open, just here, but here’s how to properly place bets on the US Open for a better chance of success.

US Open match betting

It’s the most popular form of betting, and it means you bet on who the winner of the match will be. It sounds simple, but you have to study the two players and check on their records within the tournament to see how they could possibly perform against their next opponent. Playing style is just as important as ability and skill. It’s about studying the players and how they perform against each other on any given day.

US Open set betting

This is not just about a simple win and loss proposal – this is about figuring out what the score might be on any given set. It’s a lot more risky and usually has a lot more potential profit riding on it. It can be a great proposition, especially if you have certain knowledge about the two players which others may have missed.

US Open handicap betting

Think of this as betting on whether a certain player will win or lose, but according to a certain margin (called the handicap). You may think player A will win, but would player A win if you add to the final score of B a certain score, say +1.5? It’s a great way of finding value and gauging what the players are really worth relative to each other.

US Open over/under betting

It’s not so much different as handicap betting, although it’s a little more simplified – in essence, you bet on whether or not a certain player will have a higher or lower score than what is indicated.

With those choices available to you, there’s sure to be a way of wagering that you can feel most comfortable with – and which creates the possibility for some real success. Bear in mind, however, that for long-term profitability, you need to study the game, study the players, and have a logical strategy in place. Learn from the experts, and understand the odds. And, most of all…Have fun!

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