How to prepare your voice before singing


The voice is an incredible instrument that gives you the ability to reproduce a multitude of sounds and that some people use to sing. Not everyone can sing, some people are born with a voice that allows them to sing melodies much more easily, while others need to work more to achieve high notes or avoid false singing. One way or another, it does not help to sing well if you do not dedicate the time needed to learn how to keep your voice. Some things can be dangerous for certain parts of the body that are used to reproduce notes such as unhealthy lifestyle.

singingAvoid cigarettes

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to your health. Singing is no exception and tobacco can irritate your throat and reduce your lung capacity. The lungs play a fundamental role when you sing because they allow you to keep the air in the lungs and manage it during the song. This exercise requires practice and results over time. Smoking can decrease your ability to conserve air and affect your singing potential

In addition, your larynx may be irritated by coughing and as a result, the vocal cords may be damaged making the voice rough and stronger. Therefore, to take care of your voice, we advise you to avoid smoking. If you are not a smoker, tobacco smoke can influence the same way if you permanently expose yourself to smoke in a passive manner.

singingDo not force the voice

When singing with your band or alone, you may find yourself in a very busy place and/or there is a lot of music: be careful! Before singing, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to scream or speak louder than usual, we recommend that you move away from the hubbub to keep your vocal cords in good condition.

If you are going to sing soon, you can take advantage of it to get away and warm your vocal cords. If on the contrary, you have a few hours left before singing or even a few days, we advise you, if you are with friends, to go to a quieter place, because if you force your voice, you run the risk of Diminish your ability to sing and be hoarse.

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Sleep well

Sleeping is always a good thing for everything related to your health. If you sing, even more, if you repeat more habit for a few days, because you have a concert or other event during which you will perform, you need to rest your vocal cords for a few hours to allow them to recover. If you repeat a few hours before going to sleep, it is strong that you have the hoarse voice the next day and that you have more difficulty in feeling comfortable when singing.singing

Do not consume food or soft drink

It may seem strange to you, but in practice, it is something very sensible. Imagine you have to sing on stage shortly before drinking a cold soda and eating a hamburger and spicy fries. Now imagine singing by digesting all these ingredients. Do you understand now?

When you sing, you make efforts and this can favor the roots and this even more if you have gas in the stomach. Beer has the same effects, so be careful if you are a lover of foam. When you have consumed gaseous products, chances are that when you sing, especially when you are stretching your vowels and have your mouth open, you make an effort to exhale, you that can ruin a song.singing

Well hydrate

When you are not hydrated enough, your voice becomes drier and, as a result, you will have greater difficulty singing. Most singers have a bottle of water at hand to precisely avoid this because the water allows clearing the throat when it is congested, which can make it harder to sing, vibration, hindering the outlet and the air intake.

Heat your voice before singing

Warming up the vocal cords is a basic routine that any good singer has to realize before going on stage. In this way, your voice will be ready and you can reach the high notes without forcing your voice. These warm-ups will improve your voice and make you feel more comfortable when you sing. You should know that if you do not heat your throat muscles before singing, you could damage them. In this article, we explain the importance of well-heated voice and we will suggest some simple exercises warm your voice.

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