How to play sports without taking volume


Doing sports without increasing muscle mass is possible if the activity is performed correctly and with the intensity required for it. Choosing a diet without too many carbohydrates or proteins will also help you in your goal of not gaining volume by doing sports.

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sportsThe principle you need to follow if you want to know how to exercise without increasing muscle mass is to do a lot of cardiovascular activity and little or no strengthening exercises, which are the ones that work for hard muscle groups and which increase the volume quickly.

Women often tend to worry more about not gaining muscle by exercising. It should be noted at this stage that by nature, women develop less muscle than men do, so the exercise must be very intense so that the muscles become important.

sportsAlso, in relation to the issue of muscle mass, do not worry if the first days or first weeks of exercises, you notice that you have gained some weight. Muscle weighs three times more than fat, so this process is natural.

The elliptical trainer is one of the most appropriate machines if you want to exercise without increasing muscle mass. It is best to do it low intensity and longer, and not a few minutes at a high rate if you want to achieve your goals.

sportsSwimming is another very interesting sport to exercise without gaining muscle mass. If you practice it exclusively and intensively, you run the risk of developing more upper body than the lower. To avoid this, combine swimming with other activities and practice all the swimming styles you can approach.

Hiking, in addition to being highly recommended if you live in an urban environment to keep in regular contact with nature, it is also a great way to exercise without gaining muscle mass. However, you should not do a sport alone, because you risk losing yourself in the mountains. If you do not have anyone to do it, go through a hiking association that organizes group outings.

sportsTo exercise without gaining muscle mass, you should always try to do so at a slow rate, so that the muscles are not subjected to an intense effort, which would cause an undesirable increase in muscle mass.

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