How to Make a Natural Home Shampoo for Your Dog


Making a natural dog house shampoo is a great way to make sure your pet enjoys the best ingredients. Here are the ingredients needed for this homemade recipe.

The dog shampoo offers you a natural, affordable and gentle way to wash your dog.

  • Commercial pet shampoos are often filled with potentially harmful chemicals, surfactants, and artificial colors.
  • The effects on your dog’s coat could be visible after long periods of use.

Although there are many natural shampoos for dogs on the market, it remains easier and more economical to make your home variant with the ingredients of your choice.

  • Most recipes use readily available ingredients and can specifically target some grooming needs, such as dry skin, fleas or ticks, itchy skin and a coat that has been watered by a skunk.


Basic Ingredients

Although dog shampoos contain a number of ingredients similar to those found in human shampoos, the composition and balance might vary.

  • In most cases, the pH is not the same.
  • Commercial flea and tick shampoos include strong chemicals such as pyrethrum or permethrin, which act as pesticides.
  • These chemicals can cause irritation in some dogs.

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Vegetal glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a great ingredient that brings great benefits to your dog’s coat.

This ingredient also moisturizes the skin while removing excess fat from the coat. In the end, your pet will have a soft, shiny, clean and healthy coat.


Essential oils

Using essential oils as part of your dog’s cleansing routine will give your pet a fresh feeling and a very pleasant smell.

  • You can combine essential oils such as rose, lavender, orange and lemon oils with other ingredients to create custom shampoos.
  • Lavender also helps to fight fleas. It is a natural alternative to Pyrethrum or permit, which acts as a pesticide.
  • However, not all essential oils are necessarily good for your dog. Variations like hake pot and tea tree can have detrimental effects on your pet.

DogSoap of Castile

The natural ingredients of this plant-based soap provide a gentle, moisturizing solution. It is available in a solid or liquid form and can be combined with other ingredients to improve its effectiveness.


Add white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to any homemade dog shampoo recipe. This natural ingredient has extremely useful antibacterial properties.

  • The chemical properties of the vinegar help to give a new luster to the coat of dogs.


Grooming Considerations

  • It is important to moisten your dog’s coat with lukewarm water before applying the shampoo.
  • Also, do your best to avoid the eyes, and rinse with plenty of water.
  • Keep in mind that every dog’s skin has a pH level of its own, so you will need to take into account the pH balance in your home shampoo.
  • The pH levels for dogs are around 6 and 8.5.
  • Soaps with lower levels may cause irritation of the skin due to their acidity.

There are various home shampoo recipes to wash your dog so that it has a shiny coat. You can choose from natural ingredients mentioned, according to your preferences and the needs of your dog.

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