How to invest in the stock market?

invest stock market

The interest in investing in the stock market is growing, especially among people who are looking for more profitable alternatives to putting their money to work, however, few are encouraged to participate because they do not know how to do it or with whom to attend

If you are among the stakeholders, you should know that to invest stocks in the stock market you need:

Take it easyinvest stock market

Nowadays investing in the stock market is so accessible that most of the savers who currently invest only in instruments: savings accounts, promissory notes, cites, among others. But do not accelerate, it’s not about “getting” the money out of your bank accounts.

In fact, investments must be diversified or divided into different instruments, as this will protect your money and you can get a better return with different levels of liquidity (availability).

Invest time in increasing your financial cultureInvest

One of the basic tips for every investor is not investing in what you do not know or do not know how it works. In this sense, the more you know the investment instruments, the more capacity you must get more juice out of your investments.

Although you should not be an expert in finance to invest in the stock market, it is important that you know what the executives and advisors of financial institutions talk to you, which will allow you to actively participate in decisions about what to do with your money up to getting older Yields.

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Some terms you should know are:Invest

Price and quotations index (CPI)

It is an indicator that measures the behavior of the stock market and is calculated with the prices of the 35 most traded shares. If the CPI goes up or down, we know how the market behaves.


They are titles that represent the participation of the social capital of a company and serve to accredit and transmit the rights of a partner. This means that when you buy shares of a listed company, you automatically become the owner of that business (in the proportional part of your shares of the capital stock). If you walk well you will have benefits and if not, you could have losses.

It is the ease with which you can buy or sell an action

A stock with low stock market position implies a liquidity risk (that is, you cannot convert your investment into cash as quickly as you need it). Arrows

Who do I invest with?


Here comes the good, decide with whom and what products you are going to invest, and to do so you have several options:

The most traditional and direct way of investing in the Exchange is through funds that allow you to benefit from saving in stock market instruments. Remember that per your profile of investor and the knowledge you acquire, it is advisable to diversify your investment in the following order:

  • Investment Funds in Debt Instruments,
  • Equity Investment Funds,
  • Buy stocks directly.
  • Another way to access the Exchange is through banks, as they allow you to invest in the stock market if you are a customer of your private or equity bank.
  • In addition to banks, fund operators and fund distributors are another channels for access to equity investment.
  • Another alternative of investment, not related properly with the Exchange, are the voluntary contributions that, as its name indicates, you can do them when you want and for the amounts that suit you. Remember that these will be invested in the Additional Sie for and in case the Administrator does not have one, then they will be invested in the Basic Sie for that the worker chooses, even different from the one corresponding to him by age.

Calculator, How much do I invest?Invest

Never put all the eggs in the same basket. That is, you should not invest all the money or savings in a single instrument. It is necessary to select several instruments but it must be done through a plan in which we consider: the term, level of risk tolerance (which can be low, medium or high) and age.

In fact, we can plan for each financial goal and probably decide to put different amounts of stock investment even if we are conservative (low risk), moderate (medium risk) or aggressive (high risk) investors.

The stock market is a great alternative to making your savings grow over time. So do not put it aside, especially for medium and long-term goals (more than five years).

10 Tips for First Time InvestorsInvest

  1. Make your investment plan and look at profitability goals. With this, you will know how much you can invest in the Stock Market and to what term.
  2. A good starting point for investing in stocks is to choose an Investment Fund for debt instruments. Check the historical yields of the funds of this type that are in the market.
  3. Check the fees you must pay (per the investment channel you choose) in terms of purchase, sale, and administration. Commissions can “eat” much of your winnings.
  4. Review periodically, along with your advisor, how your investments are going. If you have not given the results you hoped for, evaluate the changes you need to make to refocus the path.
  5. Your advisor must respond promptly and clearly to all your doubts as well as help you invest (set up investment portfolios with either stocks or different equity investment funds) per your level of risk tolerance, Term of the investment, financial goal, current financial situation, and so on.6. Invest only with financial intermediaries that are duly authorized, regulated and supervised by the National Banking and Securities Commission.
  6. Invest in the stock market with a vision of an entrepreneur. Think about what great company you would like to be “owner” and participate in your profits. Investment in the stock market is not a game, it requires patrimonial decisions.
  7. Always consider investing in stocks as a long-term investment, opening the business of your dreams or your retirement – to name a few examples – will be your best ally.
  8. Take care of your investment period. The stock market is volatile, do not be scared if in the short term, you have losses, hold, do not sell. Probably at the end of your investment, it will recover
  9. Keep informed of what is happening in Mexico and the world, and learn about Stock Exchange issues.

Challenge If you think Dow Jones is cousin of Indiana Jones, you must participate

There comes a time when any saver needs to take the next step and is to grow their money, the problem is how to do it? because to achieve this you need to have knowledge in the stock market and an investment strategy appropriate to your needs. And while you do not need to be a math genius to understand how stocks move, investing in the stock market is not a game and should be taken seriously.

But do not be scared, learning how the bag works can be fun and that is one of the objectives of the 5th Actioner Imagen Challenge, which in addition to getting a winner seeks people to learn how the stock market works while participating.

How does it work?Invest

The challenge is to show your investment skills. To achieve this, you are given a million virtual pesos, with which you must create an investment portfolio, which you will invest in the Mexican Stock Exchange in real time through a simulator.

During the time that the challenge lasts, you must buy and sell shares and depend on your movement in the market you will be able to increase the value of said portfolio. At the end of the period, the contestant who wins the highest win will be the winner.

The competition lasts for six weeks and this year will receive around a thousand prizes, ranging from a cell phone to 500 thousand. Consider that winning the challenge does not depend on chance, as in a raffle or lottery, but the strategies you use when investing your money. The challenge is carried out via the Internet, so you should not get away from your daily obligations, but you should spend time and analyze the movements in the Exchange.

Another goal of the challenge is for the participants to take what they learned in real life when they put together their investment strategy, they do it with knowledge and without fear of investing in the stock market.

How to participate?Invest

You must be over 18 and pay the registration fee, which is $ 1,000 for the public and $ 500 for students and adults over 60 and you will have access to the contest, the simulator and online or face-to-face workshops during the time That lasts the challenge.

In addition to participating individually, prizes are also awarded on a weekly basis to portfolios with higher value. In addition, you can participate in a group under “Investor Angels” on Facebook, and face the market as investment companies do, where a committee makes the buying and selling decisions strategically to have a better portfolio That the others.

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