How to have lighter lips

lighter lips

Would you like to have luscious lips without resorting to surgery? Although the repulsing effect is not the same, it is possible to have flashy and fleshy lips by implementing simple tricks and applying some natural treatments. Many women have thin lips and are looking for a way to have a more sensual and luscious mouth to show off their face and be even more beautiful when applying makeup. Take note of the tips we give you in this article of subliminalnoize How and find out how to have more luscious lips naturally.

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To have the lip and fleshy lips, it is essential that your lips are soft and that the skin of this area is in perfect condition. The first thing to do is exfoliate your lips once a week, at a minimum, to remove any dead cells that make the lips dry and rough to the touch. Thanks to exfoliation, you will also stimulate the blood circulation, which will allow you to slightly increase the volume of your lips.

It is important to properly perform the exfoliation. One of the safest methods is to use a homemade scrub based on sugar and honey. Mix a small amount of these two ingredients and, using a clean toothbrush, apply the resulting paste to the lips and massage with circular motions. Discover several methods to achieve a homemade lip scrub.lighter lips

Rough, cracked lips full of small skins look much thinner than soft, well-groomed lips. For this reason, in addition to exfoliation, you will not have to neglect the daily hydration of the lips. Always have a lip balm under your hand and apply several times a day to avoid having the lips dry. You can also add to this balm some homemade moisturizing ingredients, which we indicate below:

  • Aloe Vera: apply a little pulp or gel of aloe Vera on your lips. The aloe Vera will moisturize them and your lips will be soft and luscious.
  • Shea Butter: Apply a little shear butter to the lips. This ingredient is ideal for treating dry skin and moisturizing in depth.

Mix a little beeswax in a few drops of almond oil and apply this mixture to the lips. These two ingredients have powerful moisturizing and softening properties.

To discover more natural treatments like these, do not miss the article How to moisturize the lips with home remedies.lighter lips

One of the best ways to bring volume to your lips is to massage this area. Massages increase the blood flow, strengthen the muscles of the lips and, therefore, make the lips thicker. You can make this message using aloe Vera gel or icicles to make your lips more red and gorgeous.

In case you choose ice, it is important to wrap the ice in a clean cloth and gently pass it over the lips 5 minutes a day. Avoid applying ice directly to the skin, as this can cause burns and irritation.lighter lips

There is a home remedy much appreciated by women to get more luscious and voluminous lips. This one consists of taking advantage of the properties of cinnamon and mixing a little cinnamon powder with Vaseline. You will have to apply the paste obtained on the lips, to let it rest for 10 minutes and then to rinse it with water. Finally, apply your usual lip balm and voila!lighter lips

You surely do not usually practice your lips frequently. But you should know that this can also help you to avoid them being so thin and, conversely, to make them flashier and prettier. It is advisable to do some exercises daily. These are very simple exercises that you can perform comfortably at home while going about your business. One of the most effective is to pretend to give a kiss and keep this position for about 10 minutes.lighter lips

Makeup is the best ally you have in your possession to visibly reshape your lips and make them flashier and fuller. The makeup tricks to make your lips look fuller are:

  • First, draw the outline of your lips with a pencil whose color is similar to that of your lips. For more volume, you can enlarge the lip contour beyond the natural boundary of your lips.
  • With a pencil of the same color as your lipstick, fill both the upper lip and the lower lip.
  • Apply the lipstick with a brush for better precision and give more intensity to the color.
  • Prefer creamy lipstick and light colors. These will make your lips look fuller than they really are.
  • A little gloss or glossy lipstick at the center of the upper and lower lips will be the perfect touch for a spectacular mouth.lighter lips

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