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beautiful back

The back is one of the most seductive and sensual parts of the female body. If you want to take advantage of this part of the body, it is important to take care of it regularly. Summer, especially, a hydrated back, beautiful and without imperfections or impurities makes all the difference. Want to know some beauty tricks that can make your back more desirable? If this is the case, pay attention to the tips of this article of subliminalnoize HOW to find out how to have a nice back and get out of the wardrobe your little tops in the back and your swimsuits.beautiful back

If the appearance of blemishes on your back is frequent and this prevents you from showing this part of your body with confidence, make a deep exfoliation of the skin. At least once a week. The best is to enjoy the shower to make this exfoliation. First, wash the back to clean the skin and prepare it for the scrub. To remove all impurities and dead cells, you will need to use a good scrub for the body and, for best results, apply it with a horsehair glove. With this glove, your back will be impeccable, as if you had done a professional peeling.

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It is not necessary to buy a body scrub in commerce to rid your back of impurities. You can use natural products like sea salt, sugar or coffee that are excellent for cleansing the pores and enjoying a perfect exfoliation. See the article How to make a house scrub for the body to find all the recipes and know how to apply it. The result will surprise you and you will have found ingredients that will help you have a nice back.beautiful back

When you have finished the exfoliation and you will be out of the shower, it is very important that you conscientiously dry your back with a towel. Dry all wet areas. Then, the most important is hydration. We advise you to apply a good body cream that will help moisturize this part of the body. Otherwise, the skin on your back will not be nourished and irregular. In the article How to choose the right body cream, you can learn to recognize the most suitable creams for your skin type. Do not forget that the best is to apply the moisturizer overall back every time you shower or take a bath.

In addition, to make your skin even softer and hydrated, do you massage with natural oils, a true beauty elixir for this part of the body. Nature provides us with oils that make it possible to regenerate the skin deeply, make it firmer and avoid skin disorders such as acne or the appearance of other imperfections. The oils that guarantee the best results are olive oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and musky rose oil.

As you know, a poor diet or too fatty diet has negative consequences on the condition of your skin. Your back will not be spared. Therefore, it is essential to follow a balanced diet consisting of low-calorie foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E. These is the nutrients essential to keep skin youthful, supple and without any imperfection. In this article, we reveal to you what are the best skin foods.beautiful back

To work the muscles of the back and to tone it is also necessary to have a pretty and sexy back. Exercise regularly. Know that activities like swimming, Pilates, yoga, and cycling are the most effective to have a more desirable back.

beautiful backNeither should you neglect the good habits regarding the posture of the body. No beauty routine will be useful if you do not pay attention to your posture and the alignment of your back. We recommend the following recommendations:

  • Avoid bending your back and when you have to bend down, bend your legs.
  • If you spend a long time sitting, make sure, the chair is comfortable, that your lumbar remains glued to the back of your seat and that your knees are at right angles to your hips.
  • If you spend a long time standing up, it is important to walk and place the body weight on one side than the other, to prevent the back muscles from carrying too much weight.
  • Perform the movements that we offer in the article Exercises to improve the posture of the body.
  • To sleep, the best positions are on the back or side, in the fetal position.

If you follow all of these tips, you will have a much more beautiful and desirable back. In addition, you will avoid the appearance of pain and discomfort in this part of the body that can affect your daily rhythm of life.

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