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Faced with all these uninhibited gourmets, enter the food photography universe can seem a little daunting. But there is a good reason why food is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram: we love seeing what people have on their plate. Whether you eat burgers and fries, or when you are enjoying fine dining in an award-winning restaurant, here are seven tips for creating gourmet pictures that bring water to the mouth.

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  1. Privileges natural light

The best food photo is taken in natural light, so if you want to immortalize your beautiful dish, be sure to sit near a window to take advantage of daylight. So if you lack light or you find yourself under fluorescent lighting, feel free to move your dish to the natural light.

The general rule, experts avoid taking photos at night or in dim restaurants, because they probably will lack clarity and are very grainy.

You can buy an external flash that attaches to your Smartphone to add brightness – a good investment to get great pictures.

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  1. Take photos of high

If you browse Instagram, you’ll notice that many photographers tend to put the camera on top of the dish.

  • An aerial view of your plate enhances the shapes, textures, and colors.
  • You will have all the food in your shot, leaving you more visual modify and use in various ways.

If you happened to see people standing on chairs in a restaurant, it is likely they were trying to take this perfect picture.

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  1. Bite the bright colors

A full plate of beige and brown food will never make a very attractive picture, even if it contains is incredibly delicious. Concentrate on the colored food, various shapes, and texture.

Imagine the striking contrast of carrots and beets on plate immaculate white or bright colors for a fruity cocktail.

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  1. Put your featured dish

You will see many experts use marble, raw wood and even concrete as the backdrop for their photos. Choose a neutral background that does not compete with your dish.

As Instep-craze continues, many restaurants designers take into consideration to create ideal places for food photography.

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  1. Tell a story

Why not use props in your photos to flesh out the story of the meal? Whether patterned napkins, silverware or simply adorned sunglasses, use accessories wisely. Add a human element to your photo immediately creates additional interest. Ask your friend to take a bite of pizza or a sip of beer, and enter now!

  1. Use a photo editing app

Do you use a smartphone to your gastronomical photos? Enjoy fantastic photo editing applications available to you. Story VSCO and color are two great applications that let you do more with less. Think of them as a pocket Photoshop.

Bring out richer colors, set shadows, and reflections, and find ways to be unique.

  1. Do not urinalyses

Try different things, play with the applications and discover your personal style. The key is to share your love of food with the world through photography. And take the time to enjoy your meal!

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