How to get rid of dry feet?

dry feet

To avoid cracked, even downright cracked heels, one must take care of his feet daily with the right products. Nicolas Grenot, editor-in-chief of the Revue Protologue, gives us his advice for sweet pitons.

“The foot is a complex member, with 27 bones and a lot of joints, and daily it is very much in demand,” explains Nicolas Grenot, editor-in-chief of the Revue Protologue. This constant solicitation explains why one French in five feels pain in the feet. What about dry feet? If women are affected as much as men, they are also sensitive -: open shoes.

The foot, a naturally dry area prone to callusesdry feet

Dry skin on the feet is common. Indeed, the foot is naturally poor in sebaceous glands, which nourishes the skin and avoids dry feet. Moreover, with age, the feet produce less and less sebum and are becoming drier.

Contrary to what one imagines, the sweat does not avoid droughts, said Nicolas Grenot. The most sensitive part is, of course, the heel, on which one can observe calluses heels, of the horn which, if not treated, can cause cracks and then crevasses. The latter are extremely painful.

Hyperkeratosis – dryness of the skin – is due to excessive pressure on the heel: the skin seeks to protect itself and creates horn, and if there is too much, there is a risk of cracking. The cracks remain on the surface, or on the epidermis, it is superficial. As soon as one reaches the dermis, it becomes very painful, “explains Nicolas Grenot.

Factors that accentuate dry feetdry feet

While some people are naturally more prone to dry skin than others, there are also factors that favor dry feet.

The wearing of shoes without buttress or without flange at the back – the everyday flip-flops are to be banished, favor the dry feet! The same goes for the synthetic materials (stockings, tights) that cause more perspiration, which results in drying the skin.

It should also consider age or any diseases like diabetes or venous insufficiency, which increase the susceptibility to skin dryness.

Nicolas Grenot warns: “Be careful, some people who have dry feet use an electric grater every day, and the more you scrub, the more the horn comes back.” The right rhythm? Once a week and without excess, using an electric grater or hand grater in emery cloth, on dry feet and not wet. Of course, when hyperkeratosis is too great, it is better to consult a podiatrist for further treatment.

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What products to prevent and repair dry feet and heels?dry feet

To avoid hyperkeratosis and painful calluses, there are many creams, scrubs and other specific masks applied daily – as you would for the skin of his face or hands. “When there is hyperkeratosis, a shock treatment is often proposed, with a very strong cream to be applied to the feet.” The rest of the time, one will brush of cream enriched with moisturizing and nourishing agents to soften the skin. The trick in addition: put cotton socks on cream feet before going to bed!

Finally, to cure crevasses, no cosmetic miracle in view podiatrists generally prescribe a kind of varnish that will allow the healing of the foot.

Two home recipes to take care of dry feetdry feet

Sweating promotes dryness, so it is necessary to treat it, even if it is not simple, explains Nicolas Grenot. His miracle recipe? Take a foot bath with two or three teabags infused in lukewarm water and let it soak for 15 minutes then dry thoroughly.” This foot bath helps tighten pores and therefore limits sweating.

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