How to Dress for a Wedding for Men

Wedding Dress

If the date of a wedding to which you have been invited is approaching, you must start thinking about what you are going to put on and what clothes you are going to best to be stylish that day. Although one might think that choosing a man’s outfit for a wedding is an easy thing, you still have to take into account a series of things to get the proper look and wear a suit type appropriate for the occasion. we will give you some simple tips on how a man should dress to go to a wedding.

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Wedding DressHaving the most suitable outfit for a wedding can be quite complicated, and the first thing to do is to take into account the schedule of the event so that your choice is suitable. Also look carefully at the invitation to see if the bride and groom have included a particular request on the guests’ outfits because if there is a dress code, you will have to respect it if you do not want to hang out with the other guests.Wedding Dress

The standard outfit for a man attending a wedding is a two-piece costume, businessman type, that is, a suit with jacket and tie or bow tie, depending on your preference. In case you are attending a wedding in a traditional setting or you have an important role to play that day, such as witnessing the bride and groom, you should wear a jacket suit, the most classic outfit for a ceremony. However, guests can wear a jacket at a wedding only if the groom wears one as well since no one can be dressed more formally than the groom that day.

For day weddings, the best option is to wear a suit with a tone such as blue or gray, or even more neutral colors such as beige or light brown. The latter are rather suitable and comfortable for ceremonies taking place at the beach or in open spaces since they are cooler and do not absorb too much heat. You can mismatch the jacket and pants, but always stay classy, this is a wedding.Wedding Dress

On the other hand, for evening weddings, light colors are to be avoided and a dark, elegant and sophisticated costume such as black, navy blue or Marengo gray will be preferred. It is also a good opportunity to be even more elegant with a tuxedo Which is characterized by seams in silk or satin and which is very indicated for this type event.

The tie is a central part of the costume. Choose a pattern according to your costume style so that it matches the shirt you are going to wear. The key is to create a balanced look and not mix colors and prints. If you want to project a more entertaining look put on a white shirt with a garnish or printed tie.Wedding Dress

You should not forget other important details such as shoes that must be in keeping with the rest of the suit, although a sure bet is either black lace-up shoes or your coffee for blue or beige suits. Be careful that your shoes are clean, waxed and shiny, as bad shoes will harm the image of your overall costume.Wedding Dress

Finally, complete your look with accessories like a belt, a tissue handkerchief in plain or printed in the front pocket of the jacket, a watch. these are details that mark the difference in the style of a man.


If the wedding takes place during the day, you can opt for a more casual style without a tie. If you decide to wear one, you must wear a jacket.

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