How to Decorate a Wedding Table with Your Hands


Such a complex element of the best wedding decoration for professionals, but not always have the means to it. In this case, you will need the help of friends, family, to help make a magnificent buffet table. Regardless, you can build the original cards with names of guests in the form of hearts, flowers, animals, butterflies, create a design with flowers, fruits, all kinds of ribbons and bows.

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To give an elegant banquet table look

  • you need Light air cloth (better if it will match the fabric of the bride dress).
  • Beautiful ribbon or long rope.
  • Pins and scissors.


Cut the fabric – width should be 10cm, length – 2 table legs. Tie the ribbon around it, as shown in the picture. Use the dowels to hold the tablecloth.

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 Decoration flowers

The restaurant room, wedding table will be beautiful youngsters, decorated with flowers – compositions with all kinds of plants have a look exquisitely satisfy any concept of the holiday. This type of decoration – a beautiful way to show couples creativity. Instead of classic roses, lilies – pick wild flowers, spikelets of grass. In the form not only of the interesting decorations and the flavoring agent can act mint, dill, parsley and other vegetables – put them in a glass next to the meat, fish dishes. The choice of live plants, guided by the lack of a sharp smell so that they can not cause a headache for the guests. Remember that the glass should not be too high – all you need is good to see each other. Use to design plants petals, flowers decorate dishes, glasses, bottles.

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A variety of fabric – an easy way to give the room a festive look. Drag through the strips of table cloth to revive it, and decorated with bows, curtains chairs – acquire a festive look.

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To create a warm and romantic atmosphere couple can request the registration of the table with the candles. They must be placed so that customers could not reach them, not wanting to hurt their side. Interestingly you will see floating candles in oval or round vases with water. Safe, the more futuristic solution would be a garland, which will make the situation no less pleasant. ­

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Fruits, vegetables, chocolate

Edible decor – it’s beautiful, but delicious. Natural fruit and vegetable compositions not only look good but also useful. You can ask the teachers to cut an interesting figure, even build fancy designs if you wish. Guests will appreciate the hot chocolate, wine or champagne fountain.

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Balloons, depending on the palette can be soft or playful and colorful. Conventional light bulbs decorate the wall above the bride and groom’s table and the gel placed on the table.

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The festive table

Serving trays, instruments, provides strict rules. The kit is designed for one person:

  • Dish, a butter knife.
  • A glass of water, the glass right for the red white wine, glass of champagne (glasses newly married should be different).
  • A plate of the table to decorate places 2 cm of the edge. Later, when guests were seated, they served it deep – for soups or broth lungs.
  • At the right edge of the plate, first place a table knife, then fish, a tablespoon, a snack-bar of salads. The handle at a distance of 2 cm from the edge.
  • To the left was the first dining fork, fish fork, dessert devices – knife, fork, spoon.

On the table has to be present your drinks, juices. Coffee, tea, and is supplied to the cup, usually with the cake. With him stand the Pirozhkova plate. All dishes should be the same, perfectly clean.

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Table linen

Table linen: tablecloths, napkins – traditionally white. However, pure white that shines with gold, is no longer so attractive to young people. Couples tend to color, in the first place, to show their original vision and style of celebration. It is important that the color contrast is not too large – from your tired guests as well as the couple themselves. Lemon, pale blue, pink, purple – it all depends on the choice of bride and groom.

What to avoid possible mistakes

Some tips to avoid common mistakes in decorating the wedding table:

  • Avoid flowers and candles with a strong scent. They can spoil the impression of the holiday if someone starts allergies or headaches.
  • Buffet table should be decorated with calm and not sticky to the brightness of the colors are not tired eyes.
  • Table linen should be combined with the bride’s dress, and the composition of the plant should be collected at the base of her bouquet.
  • For small round tables fit a large decoration, but a table in the form of TP, it is necessary to expose the composition every two meters.
  • The design elements should be low so that guests will see each other.
  • Decorating the table is recommended the day before the wedding, not to spoil the fruits and vegetables, and flowers are not withered.

The table cloth is better to choose with a cool fabric. The paper version seems cheap, it spoils the festive mood. Remember that all elements of the wedding table and the room should be in harmony with each other. You will enjoy being in such a beautiful surroundings, thought out, and guests will remember this celebration.

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