How to clean with a flat brush

flat brush

Want to know how to clean your home with a flat brush? It is true that it is a very effective cleaning tool to leave the floor impeccable. The map is widely used by cleaning experts and if you want your home to have the floor and all surfaces immaculate, this is a tool that will save you time and help you absorb any dirt. In this article from, we give you some tips on how to clean with a flat broom in the most efficient way possible.

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flat brushThe flat broom is a commonly used cleaning tool on smooth floors to remove all dirt and dust particles that adhere to surfaces. As a general rule, if the soil is very dirty or has considerable residues such as mud, gravel or sand, it is not recommended. The map, in this case, will not be a good idea because dragging the particles can scratch the surface. To clean this dirt, it is best to use a traditional vacuum cleaner or broom.

There are different types of spare wipes, different according to their material: viscose, microfiber, cotton, polyester … For example, those made of microfiber are ideal for wooden surfaces and those made of cotton for tiles. If you choose it with a volume loop more or less important, you can clean the floors with more or less roughness. There are also disposable mops, to be discarded after use, these are ideal for catching hairs thanks to their static electricity.flat brush

In general, to clean the dust that accumulates on a surface, it is necessary to moisten the broom. You can moisten it with a product or apply it directly on the floor. If you use a disposable mop, it does not need to be moistened. After you have wet it, you must pass it on the ground by making zigzags or eight and you must be careful not to lift it from the ground so as not to lose the dirt. To clean properly, it is best to leave the area as free as possible of obstacles such as furniture, curtains, carpets, or anything that hinders the task. By passing the mop on the floor, you will see that you will train the hair, dust, and lint and that everything will be trapped in the fibers.flat brush

When you have finished the broom flat or have too much accumulated dirt, you can shake it in a corner to loosen the dirt and vacuum it so you do not scatter it again. You can also vacuum up the mop with the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. After that, continue to clean the surfaces of your home and repeat the operation whenever you deem it necessary.

We recommend that when you do your housekeeping two passes, the first to catch the most visible dirt and the second to apply the product directly to the floor and make it shine. For the second run, clean the mop or use a new one.

The flat broom is a very versatile tool to clean the most inaccessible corners of the house, such as the corner of the walls or the ceiling. With it, you will eliminate all the dust and cobwebs. The map should always be clean to avoid dirtying the wall. Every time you use this cleaning tool, if the map is not disposable, you will need to pass it to the washing machine at full power but without softener so that it does not lose its absorbency.flat brush

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