How to choose your sport to lose weight?

lose weight

It’s new for several years, people have been crossing the street doing sports, losing weight, or some other reason. Some people look very serious and concentrated, while others Do more in dilettante.As you know, the number of obesity cases is increasing every year. To the point that it can be said that obesity is a typically contemporary scourge, which our grandparents or great-grandparents have only known anecdotally.

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It is obvious that this gradual increase in obesity is largely linked to our sedentarization: our activity is increasingly limited. For the last fifty years or so, we have not stopped inventing new objects designed to make our lives easier … And to make us, at the same time, more inactive.lose weight

We started with cars, elevators, home deliveries, and then we added a layer with remote controls, central heating, kitchen robots, and so on.

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All these facilities first appeared in the United States, where, unlike, it was not amusing to organize two world wars which had to be reconditioned with pain.

That is why it is quite natural that we have seen for the first time a kind of sportsman on the streets of his neighborhood to lose weight.

lose weightThe Benefits of Sport for Weight Loss

Imagine: in the society of the time, it must have been quite unusual to see someone running in the streets with an outfit adapted to the circumstances.

I am almost certain that some passers-by have had to observe the early beginnings of urban jogging by saying to themselves: “Ah, these young people! They have become unable to arrive on time to take their train. Instead, they keep their pajamas and run like crazy. What an era! “

Yet they were right, these pioneers of a new discipline. Their efforts were certainly not in vain. On the contrary, here are at least 3 reasons that amply justify doing sport regularly.

  1. When you do a certain amount of sport, your appetite decreases. The body needs this daily dose of a sport so that the appetite mechanisms work properly.
  2. Each exercise you do accumulate to others you have already done. An isolated sports session will not have any visible impact, but regular exercises, almost daily, will certainly have an effect on your weight.

The more corpulent you are; the more energy you burn. So the more weight you have to lose, the more you will enjoy your sports sessions.

  1. What is important is that all that sport you do to lose weight will have a very positive effect on your metabolic rate. In summary: the more you exercise, the more you stimulate your metabolism and the more you can lose weight by burning your fat

Also be aware that a prolonged exercise will increase your metabolism for about fifteen hours after the sports session.

lose weightWhat diet and what sport to lose weight?

When dieting to lose weight, the risk is to burn as much fat as muscle.

Now, if you burn muscle, you lose some of your ability to burn energy (you slow down the metabolism), since muscles burn energy even when they are resting. Paradoxically, therefore, a basic diet (hypocaloric) can cause weight gain.

To lose weight, the best thing to do is not to restrict yourself in calorie quantities, but rather to make some sort of fat burning diet and combine it with regular and sufficiently intense sports.

In this way, you will strengthen your muscles, you will increase your metabolism and you will lose weight.

What kind of sport can help you lose weight? These are endurance sports such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing and any regular and sufficiently intense aerobic exercise.

If practiced well, these sports sessions should increase your muscle mass and make you lose fat. Do not focus on your weight at first.

If you lose more fat than you gain muscle, it may well be that your weight remains more or less stable. This is normal: muscles are heavier than fat.

Continue exercising and tell yourself that you are strengthening your heart and lungs, reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling your stress better and improving your circulation.lose weight


Nothing extraordinary is needed to do sports to lose weight: for example, if you have (or if you release) ½ hour a day for active walking, you will be doing a lot of good for your body.

Be careful, active walking is not so much more relaxing than jogging. If you do not have a little pain in the legs and calves at the end of your active walking session, it is that you walked like a molasses.

That said, I recognize that to get used to this daily effort, there is nothing worse than going too strong from the start. I advise you to start slowly but to increase the pace as soon as you feel capable.

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