How to choose work boots

When it comes to footwear for work, you need to be comfortable. Firstly, you’ll need to decide if you need more than one pair for different purposes or a great all-rounder for all your activities. Consider your budget too, especially if you want more than one pair. Here are some top things you want your boots to do for you and questions to ask before buying:

Comply with your company’s dress code standards

Will they meet the requirements of PPE (personal protective equipment)?

Do you need to have boots or shoes with a steel toe cap?

Will you be required to drive whilst wearing them?

Think about where you will be working. Do the boots need to be safe for climbing ladders or must they be suitable for wear in a food production environment?

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Will you need anti-slip or anti-static features?

Your work boots or shoes should be able to either keep you cool or provide warmth depending on the environment.

Are they to be worn all day or do they need to be easily removable?

You’ll want to choose a pair that are relevant to your type of job and in a price range you can afford. There are many different styles available with varying features. Take a look at all the design features and styles before making a decision.

Colleagues might be able to provide recommendations and tips for choosing the right kind of work footwear. You’ll also find lots of reviews online for different brands and types of work footwear. A trusted brand is always the safest option as comfortable feet can be the difference between a good and productive day or a miserable and painful one. Doctor Martens have been supplying many trades with durable, air-cushioned footwear for decades and is a name you can trust. Be sure to look at the range of DR Martens Gloucester available.

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Consider not only design and features but also the material used to manufacture the footwear. Different materials have their pros and cons, such as man-made, leather and rubber. Whether you require waterproofing and a certain weight of shoe will also affect the choice of material that’s best for your job.

Fitting is also crucial, and you should always visit a shoe shop to try a range of sizes to ensure the best fit. Regardless of appearance and cost, you should always choose the most comfortable if you’re going to be on your feet for large parts of your working day. Different brands can feel very different in their sizing. It’s also important to try them on with the socks and trousers you’ll usually be wearing at work.

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