How to choose the right curriculum for your child’s education

A question every parent asks especially when moving homes or relocating their kids from another school. However, it’s also one that needs a lot of pondering and research. The quality of education, the facilities, and educators should play role in your decision-making.

In this article, we’ll go through curriculums school offers so you can choose the right one for your child.

Most schools highlight the significance and benefits of the educational board, curriculum and syllabus that they offer. However, experts agree that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work in the case of the school syllabus. Because of this, parents are forced into choosing a syllabus based on its popularity rather than its suitability for the child.

Here are some quick tips on how you can avoid making this mistake.

Your place of work. If there’s one thing any school counsellor or another parent can advise you, it’s that you must plan your child’s education curriculum based on the nature of your work. If you’re someone who needs to relocate to another state for work, it will be beneficial to choose an international curriculum like IGCSE, IB, or a CBSE. School transferring and moving from one country to another is much easier with an international curriculum.

Your child’s learning style. Every child has unique learning preferences. It’s vital that you understand this before choosing the most appropriate one for your child. Education in CBSE schools is focused on developing core skills while IB schools stress more on improving research skills.

Now let’s find out the teaching styles followed by different educational curriculums.

CICSE. The Council for Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination follows a curriculum wherein rudimentary facts are taught first to the students while other details are introduced later.

International boards like IGCSE and IB. The International General Certificate of Secondary Examination and International Baccalaureate follow a learner-centric method that focuses on both research and problem-solving skills.

CBSE. The Central Board for Secondary Education is the currently the most prevalent educational curriculum in India that is offered across every state. Moreover, it is also the national board of India. CBSE offers the common syllabus across the nation. The curriculum focuses a lot on Science and Mathematics and offers good English learning as well.

You can choose for your child to learn either English or Hindi as their first language. Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Urdu as some of the most common second and third languages they teach, whereas foreign languages like Spanish, French, and German are 4th language options. The second and third languages depend on the school. Thankfully, CBSE has mediums in both English and Hindi.

However, take note that CBSE is tougher than State Boards and also has a bigger curriculum. The CBSE curriculum prepares the student for entrance exams related both to IIT and AIIMS – providing they have satisfactory marks. Your child may study in whatsoever arena you choose (Medical science, non-medical science, arts, and commerce), and the child can take classes related to that field.

What’s important for parents is not choose a school just because of popular opinion or what schools promise as the best curriculum. Always take into consideration the above factors when choosing the right curriculum for your child’s education.

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