How to change your euros in dollars

euros in dollars

If you travel and you need to change your euros into dollars, today is very easy. The United States is an unmissable destination to spend your holidays, whether with family, alone or with friends. However, how do you get dollars before you go? subliminalnoize gives you a few tips on how to change your euros into dollars so that you can make your trip to the USA with complete peace of mind.

euros in dollarsBefore completing your transaction, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the current currency exchange rate in order to avoid buying your dollars at too disadvantageous a rate. You can do this through a website listing current rates

Evaluate the amount of money you want to change and adjust to your needs to undertake your trip. You can help yourself through online converters or a currency calculator.

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euros in dollarsOnce you have determined the amount you want to change, there are several possibilities:

Your bank. Call your banker and ask him or her to prepare the required amount because the agencies do not always have foreign exchange stock and then pick them up from your usual agency. You will normally have an advantageous rate to be a customer of the bank.

Mail: It offers a commission-free exchange service, but be careful; the exchange rate is often higher than the current rate.

Exchange office: Many exchange offices exist, especially in tourist areas as well as in airports. Ask about the rate and the commission charged and do not hesitate to compare several offices.

euros in dollarsYou may decide to change once you arrive, as all international airports have an exchange office for tourists arriving in the territory, but be careful because these offices often take advantage of their exclusivity situation to practice commissions sometimes very high. We recommend this option only as a last resort.

You can also withdraw directly to a distributor on site. It is the safest and most convenient way to avoid having large sums of cash on oneself. This may also be an advantageous exchange rate option, but pay attention to the fees charged by your bank. Inquire well before departure on the terms of your blue card and your contract. In addition, it is possible that your bank has an agreement with a local bank from which you can withdraw without commission, so inquire well before leaving.

Pay directly for your purchases with your blue card. This will be the easiest way to pay your expenses locally. The exchange rate is generally advantageous but your bank will obviously take a commission on your purchases, which usually ranges between 1 and 2%. Ask your bank about these commissions before leaving to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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  • Always compare several exchange establishments to find the most advantageous solution.
  • Check with your bank about commissions on withdrawals and on-site payments.

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