How to Care fish aquarium for a Clown Fish?

fish aquarium

Since the movie “The World of Nemo” has presented him, the clownfish has become one of the favorite animals of the smallest. It is true that taking care of your aquarium is not very difficult and we are talking here about one of the fish species with the highest life expectancy. Below you will find some rules to follow that will make your pet can live up to 15 years, we explain how to take care of a clownfish.

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The aquariumfish aquarium

If you want your clownfish to be as happy as possible, it is better to recreate its natural habitat, an environment resembling the tropical and salty waters where this animal is used to living.

It is precise because it is a tropical fish that it is necessary to have an aquarium with plants and a coral bottom, white sand that is actually corroded eroded and crushed. In addition, the water temperature must be between 24 and 28 ºC.

The size of the aquarium should also be taken into account because, for clownfish added to the aquarium, it takes 75 liters of water. You will, therefore, have to do your calculations if you want to have a couple or several individuals within the same aquarium.

Foodfish aquarium

Despite its size, keep in mind that the clownfish is a predator, who likes to hunt for food. It is, therefore, carnivorous. It also needs a supply of various plants.

The food must be given without static in the water, which will awaken its predator instinct so that it hunts. Among the elements he can eat, apart from a dry and balanced diet, there are mussels, cockles, fish with little taste, octopus, shrimps, chicken liver, cooked spinach, and worms.

Behaviorfish aquarium

The clownfish is a very active fish and having an aquarium with anemones, his eternal companion, will allow him to keep it busy since he will always try to keep the polyp clean and comfortable. It will, therefore, be calmer and not bored.

It is an animal very attached to its territory, but this species follows a certain hierarchy, where the biggest fish will be entitled to the biggest anemones while the smaller ones will live in those that are small.

Therefore, pay attention when it is said that the clownfish can live with other species. Although there are many types, generally very peaceful, they can be attacked by other fish. It is, therefore, best to follow the advice of your pet shop.

Finally, it is very important, in the case of procreation, that the task is supervised by an adult, because it will be necessary to transfer the eggs to another aquarium, in order to avoid that other fish do not eat aquarium


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