How to best clean your commercial fridge

If you run a restaurant, your main priority should be cleanliness, especially when it comes to the fridges. The fridges contain all the food your customers will eat; if the fridge is dirty, it is likely that your customers will suffer from food poisoning. This could result in your restaurant being fined, or even closed down.

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Thankfully, it is very easy to maintain a clean refrigeration unit if you do both a daily clean and a weekly clean. Here we look at how best to clean your commercial fridge.

The daily clean

You must clean your commercial fridge after every shift to stop dangerous bacteria multiplying. Start by wiping the outside of the fridge with a cloth and a non-toxic cleaner. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the handle, as this part of the fridge is touched most often and may be covered in harmful bacteria.

Go through the fridge and throw away any old food items. Move the freshest products to the back of the fridge, as these items are less likely to go off. Cleaning the outside of the fridge and throwing away old food will stop dirt and food building up over time, meaning that the fridge is easier to clean in addition to being more hygienic.

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The weekly clean

A daily clean will help to reduce dirt and grime build-up, but you will also need to do a more thorough weekly clean to make sure that the inside of the fridge is always as clean as the outside.

According to Today, you should throw away any discarded food and wipe the shelves inside the fridge every week. Start by taking all the food out of the fridge – you can bin the stale food and put the fresh food in coolers stacked with ice.

You can then take the shelves and drawers out of the fridge to clean. Use hot water and washing-up liquid to clean them, while giving the drawers time to soak in water. The next step is to air-dry the shelves and drawers. Make sure that you also wipe any surfaces inside the fridge that have spills on them before returning the shelves and drawers to the fridge.

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