How taking this simple course could cut your car insurance costs

Car insurance can be a hefty sum to pay out annually, and drivers are always looking at ways of lowering it. Now, according to the Department for Transport (DfT), motorists in the UK could earn a discount by undertaking and successfully completing a cycling awareness course. Premiums have been rising constantly in recent years, so this news has been warmly welcomed.

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As a result, drivers will be able to benefit from cheaper insurance, while police will take steps to ensure people can easily submit videos demonstrating dangerous driving under this new government plan that aims to protect vulnerable road users.

Earn a discount by completing a cycling awareness course

The scheme, known as Bikeability, was unveiled by transport minister Jesse Norman, and it has been largely welcomed. However, cycling and walking groups have said the plans should have placed more of an emphasis on robustly enforcing speed limits, pointing out that this is the main danger faced by pedestrians.

It has also been suggested that new powers could enable councils to tackle the problem of motorists parking in cycle lanes and encouraging authorities to allocate 15 per cent of their infrastructure funding to walking and cycling schemes.

Most advanced model will secure discount

To achieve the discount, drivers would have to pass the Bikeability Level 3, which is the most advanced module out of the three. This focuses primarily on qualifying in passing traffic in a queue and understanding blind spots.

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Norman said greater road safety is essential, adding that the overall aim is to improve air quality, encourage exercise, reduce obesity and boost the economy.

According to The Sunday Express, some experts are warning that the number of uninsured drivers on the road may be the result of changes brought in by car insurers. Drivers seeking a motor trade insurance quotation can visit for competitive prices.

If the scheme ever does come into effect, it may not be immediately open to drivers of cars. Vehicles such as lorries, vans and minibuses would be a priority. Other proposals outlined in the consultation papers are the appointment of a “cycling and walking champion”, a study into why some cyclists use bicycles without lights, and ways to make the country’s most dangerous roads much safer for everyone.

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