How Important Is It for A Software Developer to Get a Master’s Degree?

In contradiction to what a lot of young software developers are led to believe through peer discussions and misleading advice, getting a masters in software development is most definitely the right thing to do, if you have the opportunity. The general consensus is that it’s better to start working right after you get your bachelor’s degree and once you have gained a few years of experience, then you can think about your master’s degree. This is, however, not a healthy school of thought for a young software developer due to a number of reasons, as detailed below.

Returning to Student Life Again can be Very Hard

In spite of what you may think, becoming a student again is something that is extremely hard to do for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, your living standards will rise as you begin to earn and once you are used to certain luxuries, it might even be impossible to go back to your days of living on an extremely tight budget; something that you did naturally without too much of an issue earlier. Besides, getting a job often burdens you with responsibilities like mortgages and family duties, which you can’t just shrug off and go back to studying. Fortunately, you can also get your MSSD online in such cases which will allow you the flexibility necessary to both complete your education and hold on to your current job. Even so, it would put a lot of pressure on you. It makes sense to go for an online masters in software development right after you complete your degree, so that you can continue your education while being able to support yourself with a part-time job.

The Perks of Completing Your Knowledge

We are often so intrigued with stories of maverick geniuses that we forget that the extremely successful people we reference while justifying our incomplete education represent a very, very small percentage of the software developers that pass out every year. Generally, you will have more in-depth knowledge in specific fields of software development and, in turn, much better career opportunities once you complete your master’s degree. You will possibly need to study for just one more year anyway; a year that will prove to be more and more useful as you progress further into your career through the years.

Should You Also Complete Your Ph.D.?

While getting a Ph.D. is definitely the next step towards your evolution as a software expert, it may not be something that you would want to do before getting a job, unless you want to become a professor. Perhaps it’s better to start working once you have finished your degree and then get the Ph.D. down the line, when and if you have the time. Check out the points below to understand why getting a Ph.D. may not be ideal before joining the workforce.

  • It will take several more years to complete
  • It may not grant you too much of an edge in a professional field (unless you are teaching of course)
  • You might be considered overqualified
  • The lack of work experience doesn’t help you to earn a salary that’s worthy of the extra knowledge and effort

It just takes a year more to gain a masters and therefore it makes no sense at all to skip it, given how much more the degree offers both in the short and the long run.

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