How change a Tyre safely and effectively

Any driver should know how to change a tyre, this being a basic skill useful in an emergency. It is not always reliable to count on a cell phone to when you deal with a flat tyre.

A flat tyre can happen anywhere, so don’t think that a cell phone could replace knowing how to change a tyre safely and effectively. Fortunately, changing a tyre isn’t so complicated or difficult. You just need to follow some guidelines in order to be prepared for this task.

Items you’ll need

When it comes to replace a flat tyre you will need the following items that usually come with your car:

• Fully inflated spare tyre
• Lug wrench
• Jack
• Vehicle owner’s manual

In case that your vehicle didn’t come with some of these items or you have misplaced them, you should purchase right away some new ones. Also ensure that you are inflating the spare tyre on a regular basis to the recommended PSI, according to your vehicle’s manual. Every time when you check the car’s tyres you should also check the air pressure in the spare tyre. It is recommended to check pressure before carrying extra load or before long trips, as well as every month.

Some items that you’ll need in order to replace a flat tyre are not provided with your vehicle. However, you should store them in your glove box or in your trunk in case you’ll need them:
• Gloves
• Rain poncho
• Flashlight with working batteries
• Small cut of wood used for securing the jack
• Wheel wedges

How to change tyres

• Find a safe location to park on flat surface and away from traffic.
• Use your warning devices required by the local road code and your hazard lights to keep you safe and ensure you are seen by oncoming traffic.
• Place a brick, a piece of wood or other bracing material in front and behind of one of the tyres that you’re not lifting, in order to increase stability and prevent rolling.
• Find the jack and the spare tyre. Check the owner’s manual in case that you do not know where they are.
• In order to make sure the jack is in the right place, line it up properly. This will prevent damage to your car.
• While keeping pressure on the ground, begin to jack the car up.
• Remove centre covers or hubcaps in order to gain access the lug nuts.
• Use a lug wrench for loosening of the lug nuts by turning them anticlockwise.
• In order to be able to slip the tyre easily, finish jacking the car up. Ensure that the jack is stable.
• Put on the spare tyre and Place the lug nuts in the proper positions after putting on the spare tyre.
• Use your tyre wrench for tightening of the lug nuts a little by turning clockwise this time.
• Get your car back on all four wheels by lowering the jack fully.
• Before driving, ensure that the lug nuts are properly tightened.


Changing a tyre is a basic skill that every driver should have. In order to be prepared for any roadside emergency, carry always a fully inflated spare tyre in your car’s trunk. Buy only reputable spare tyre brands such as Hankook, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone and other similar high quality brands. Save money by using a reputable online Tyre store like

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