How Can You Stay Safe on Public Transport?

With such devastating news hitting our screens on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we fear for our safety when out alone. No matter our age, gender or sexuality, we can all be made to feel vulnerable at times. Take, for example, catching public transport. How can we stay safe when on a bus or train on our own?

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Before You Travel

Why put yourself at risk by standing at a bus stop for longer than needed? Similarly, know when your train or bus is due to arrive at your stop so that you can call a taxi in advance or ask a friend or family member to pick you up from the station if it is dark. It is also very important, if you have been out late, to know when your last train or bus is, so that you don’t wind up stuck at an unfamiliar station late at night. Always keep up with live information on trains using your mobile phone.

When You Travel

When on public transport, beware of revealing too much about your personal life, as you could be putting yourself at danger of a physical attack or even identity fraud. Always carry a fully charged mobile phone and be careful where you sit – an empty carriage can leave you very vulnerable to attackers. Lastly, try to mix up your pattern whenever possible and, though a taxi driver is likely to pick you up from your door, you can still keep your details safe by not being too open about who you live with (especially if you live alone).

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Extra Safety

Of course, you can take precautions: rape alarms, pepper spray and mobile phones are all perfectly good items to keep on your body. In addition to these, however, a new trend is taking off in the industry. Body worn cameras (available at are now being worn as a deterrent to attackers or robbers, but also have the additional advantage of filming incidents involving the owner or those around them.

You should never think that something won’t happen to you. This does not mean to say that you should be looking over your shoulder at every turn, but you should be looking after your wellbeing by being of sound mind when travelling alone and being aware of your surroundings.

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