How a Better Web Design Can Improve Your Online Rankings

It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are. You may leave your competitors standing in a real-life scenario, but in the online world the quality of your goods, although important, is nothing compared to the way your website looks and performs.

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Improve Loading Speeds

The digital revolution has made us all impatient, and waiting for a website to load is too frustrating for many web users to contemplate. According to a BBC report, most online shoppers are prepared to wait for just three seconds for a site to load: any longer and they will click or tap their way straight to one of your competitors, probably never to return. Search engines quickly pick up on this fact, so the message is clear: make sure your pages load as fast as possible.

Usability Should Be a Priority

No matter how beautiful your website looks, or how stunning your images, if visitors struggle to find their way to the information they are in search of, they’ll give up. A quirky menu may look great, but web users are accustomed to certain ways of doing things, so buck major trends at your peril. Navigation should be intuitive, placed at the top of the screen or to the left-hand side. Make it easy for potential customers to find what they want and the search engines will reward your efforts.

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Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Search engines look at how long visitors stay on your site before ‘bouncing’ elsewhere. A high bounce rate sends the message to search engine bots that your site is not providing value to visitors, and your rankings will fall accordingly. To ascertain the cause of a high bounce rate, it’s probably best to seek expert advice. Whether you are based in Liverpool or London SEO Agency teams can improve your rankings, with companies such as offering an SEO audit to highlight problem areas.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Search engines mark down sites for duplicate content, so make sure that your webpages are filled with high-quality, informative, relevant and, above all, unique content that can’t be found elsewhere. This is particularly important if you have two separate websites for mobile and desktop computers, as search engines will consider shared content between your two sites as duplicate and penalise you accordingly.

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