Honor 9: A Beautiful Smartphone

Honor 9

An impressive camera and many assets for the new Honor 9. As beautiful as good, Honor 9 really lacks qualities. In addition, if this smartphone plays high-end, its price remains controlled

Few weeks after the versatile Honor 8 Pro, the Chinese brand unveils its new standard-bearer, the Honor 9. An alluring smartphone that quickly ran out of stock. A proof of his qualities?

Honor 9A beautiful smartphone

Honor 9 is much like Honor 8 but it is not a fault. It takes back the glass shell that reflects pleasantly the light and the aluminum frame. The design still evolves with more crushed sides, a fingerprint sensor that migrates under the screen, edges and a slightly curved back. In addition, since the fingerprint sensor is in the front, the back of the Honor 9 is all flat for a beautiful result.

Honor 9The main characteristics of Honor 9

The oblong cavity sensor is positioned below the screen; the sensitive buttons, which allows clearing the screen, surround it. The IPS Full HD panel is of very high quality with true colors and a flawless brightness. The 5.1-inch screen offers a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and covers 70% (only) of the front.

In this Honor 9, we find the overlay of Huawei, the interface EMUI 5.1 with Android Nougat 7.0. It is now possible to add the application tray. There are always plenty of possibilities for personalization. The set is pleasant to use and without slowdowns.

We also find the Huawei home processor with the Kirin 960 powerful enough for a smooth use. It is coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

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Honor 9An excellent camera

The biggest asset of the Honor 9 is its dual camera (as for the Huawei P10) created by Sony with a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor and a 12-megapixel color sensor. Whatever the conditions – even at night, and Honor insists on it – the images are always excellent.

You can make real black and white photos; use the optical zoom x20, video in 4K, the large aperture mode … Not to mention all the processing options and the precise settings. In short, it is an excellent camera for a price lower than that of the competition.

Honor 9Price and autonomy: in half-tint?

Finally, let us note that autonomy is close to one and a half days in normal use. A figure in the average, but Honor closes unused applications and quick recharging in one hour is handy.

Offered at 429 dollars, the Honor 9 is more expensive than its predecessor, the Honor 8, launched at the price of 399 dollars. In addition, if this tariff remains attractive – especially since a launch offer allows benefiting from 30-dollar reduction -, the Chinese manufacturer will still have to ensure to limit inflation for its models to come.

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