Halloween haunted tours and attractions in Canada


Although hunting is candy for children, there is no reason why adults can not celebrate Halloween. Some of the tours of haunted houses and events across the country that will give you goosebumps.

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Do you know the origin of Halloween? This is an old Celtic tradition that marks the end of harvest and the beginning of the cold and dark season. The belief is that the boundaries between land creatures and those of another become world are cheating on this special night. The traditional Halloween spirit is alive and well across Canada with a variety of haunted tours and activities terrifying.

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British Columbia

Ghostly Walks, Victoria : This port city was once very hectic and messy with a lot of shady characters and paranormal activities. These steps “fantômesques” were created by a historian who has selected the most frightening stories among the 500 best stories of ghosts reported.


Spooktacular at Fort Edmonton : The very old and historic buildings create the perfect setting for a night of frights. The “Dead Centre of Town” at the Hotel Selkirk is so horrifying that men have even fainted!

The Coven Haunted Calgary : With more than 800 volunteers dedicated to the creation of this gigantic haunted garden, you will certainly scare, but for a good cause: all proceeds generated are donated to charities.

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Fort haunted Halloween, Battleford : This fort full of history, was the conflict of the site in 1885 and the headquarters of the North-West Rebellion. The bravest will venture inside the five historic buildings haunted.


Halloween Haunt at the Maritime Museum Selkirk, Selkirk : Why not celebrate Halloween on three ships this year? Only 15 years can visit the haunted ship SS Kenora. These visits are so frightening that there is a door marked “exit with dignity” in the middle of the circuit.

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Six Pines haunted attractions, Winnipeg : Families will find appropriate activities during the day as a zoo for children, Little Red Riding Hood, and a lumberjack. For 18 years and over, the real frights begin at sunset. The event “Fear the Night” offers attractions such as “The Barn of Doom.” Pregnant women, beware: you go there at your own risk!


The Haunted Walk of Ottawa : The city, rich in history, is the perfect place for a guided tour of famous haunted sites. You will be met by a hooded figure, lantern in hand, while you stroll through a cemetery, jail Carleton County, and a haunted high school.

Screamers Indoor Haunted Scream Park : The seven thematic haunted houses will make you scream with fear. There are, among others, an asylum, a dungeon, and a wax museum. You can always take a break from the halfway fright by offsetting you outside.

Fear Farm, Kitchener : This terrifying farm over 100 acres includes a ride in a hay wagon deep in the haunted forest, disturbing clowns and zombies. It is obviously not an activity suggested for children or the faint of heart.


Haunted Village (Village Québécois d’Antan) : If a haunted house scares you, imagine a whole village! it found 26 haunted sites designed to scare the visitors to confront their phobias and their worst nightmares. Stroll along the dark streets at your own risk.

Ghosts Montreal : Walk the streets of Old Montreal to meet the ghosts that haunt them. Witches, charlatans and former criminals waiting in the dark corners of this historic district.

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New Brunswick

Haunted Hike, Fredericton : Horror meets theater in this tour given by the local troupe, the Calithumpians. Stroll through the city center while familiarizing yourself with the appalling origins of Fredericton.

New Scotland

RiverBreeze Fear Farm: The Bloodfields, Truro : Legend has it that three children died of cold in Bloomfield firm and their parents then decided to take revenge on the villagers. Browse two corn mazes and four haunted houses … if you dare!

Newfoundland and Labrador

Hiking haunted, St. John’s Newfoundland : Did you know that this city is the oldest in North America? No wonder it’s perfect for a haunted visited, especially since it is located near the misty harbor. Learn more about the sordid origins of St. John Newfoundland and love stories and murder.

Haunted houses and Halloween attractions that can be found throughout Canada not expect you, dear thrill seekers! Who knows, maybe you will find that the most sordid stories are drawn from those facts.

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