Guide to receive a pregnant woman this Christmas


Christmas is the time par excellence of meetings and family gatherings, with lunches, dinners, and various events almost daily. If we give you a few tips on these accounts with pregnant parties among the guests

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 so that the mother sits on a table. Taking into account your needs, you will get to feel at ease and that you can enjoy the holidays fully.


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You’ve probably heard more than once that every pregnant is different. Although it may be true, it is also likely that what she seeks is normal, so, try primarily to take into account their needs but without much altering the plans for their arrival. This will make you feel at home. If the close family will have no problem in finding out if you have any own hobby of gestation to a particular food, health problems or anything that can give you a clue to try to satisfy as far as possible.

Another aspect to consider is what quarter is because your needs may be very different. Thus, a few months pregnant woman is more likely to have general malaise and nausea, while one who is in the third trimester is likely to suffer back pain and go to the toilet more often.

In the table

The common denominator of pregnant women is the need to be comfortable, given the apparent weight increases. Many pregnant women prefer to sit a little to the side, to prevent the weight of the uterus from falling on the stomach. This should be taken into account when distributing the seats on the table. Try the pregnant woman sits in a comfortable chair and has enough space, that table does not constitute a nuisance to her.

Think also that is likely to make many trips to the bathroom , so you should look for an accessible to rise and often sit site, allowing you to avoid having to ask permission continuously to other diners or other guests have to lift.

To avoid circulatory problems, pregnant women are advised to change positions as much as possible and not to sit for long periods of time. Keep that in mind if your guest needs to get up to stretch your legs or take a little walk.

Adapt the menu

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To be the perfect host this Christmas so you should never miss is the menu. And this time, you must take into account the nutritional needs of pregnant women. Above all the possible risks. In this age of excesses and copious meals, more than ever, the pregnant woman must take care of her food and not overindulge or consume foods that are not recommended. In deference to her, avoid putting food you cannot eat because of the potential risk of contracting diseases such as toxoplasmosis or listeriosis , such as fish or raw shellfish (sushi, crevices …), raw meats (sausages, Carpaccio, tartar), or food That carry unpasteurized milk (fresh cheeses, desserts), for and date. Remember that blue fish (swordfish, shark or blue fin tuna) is also contraindicated during pregnancy because their mercury levels can affect the development of the fetus.

To avoid any complications and excessive work, you can prepare a unique menu also enjoy the pregnant woman. Healthy and lighter dishes will be appreciated by all guests. To start, prepare some dishes to share in the center of the table as appetizers, grilled vegetables, and some grilled seafood. A comforting fish soup can be an excellent option to continue with the menu. And as a main dish, we propose a stuffed hake shrimp in sauce or the traditional roast turkey in the oven , a meat with less fat than others such as lamb or pork.

Pregnant women should not drink any alcohol, so even during cooking most of the alcohol evaporates, and is best avoided. For the same reason, if you want to sit on a table on dates in which you can prepare the toast to abound some mocktails for after lunch.

If you do decide to serve any of the above foods, note that you must be very neat with clean to prevent cross – contamination, i.e. When preparing the dishes, make sure that the food or kitchen utensils do not come into contact with each other. To do this, cleans and disinfects the working environment and utensils with a specific product, such as Star 2in1 with bleach and detergent. In addition, it is important that you separate the raw foods from the cooked ones so that they do not come into contact with each other.

What does it smell here?

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A classic among pregnant discomfort is odors. Pregnant women are the most developed sense of smell because the membranes of the nostrils are irrigated with more blood due to the action of hormones. Although it may seem a wonderful aroma, if it is very intense it is possible that the pregnant woman is annoying. Therefore, stay well ventilated before the guests arrive and avoid overloading the room with strong air fresheners, flowers, and incense or aromatic oils.

The bathroom, as we have said, the pregnant visit on more than one occasion, is a stay that inadvertently may remove musty smell because of bacteria and fungi themselves humid environments. To avoid this, ventilate the room well and make sure there are no wet towels on the towel rack or in the laundry basket. When cleaning, eliminates bacteria and fungi using products containing detergent and disinfectant, such as bleach Star 2in1 .

If you have a pet with hair, sucking stay before a family reunion and scrub the floor with bleach to keep out bacteria, odors and dust mites responsible for allergies in the home.

As you see, have a pregnant among the guests for next Christmas it is something that must be taken into account when preparing the home and design an appropriate menu. Following these simple tips, we are sure that the family reunion will be a success and the future mom will feel very comfortable and well considered by the hosts.

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