Glass vs. Acrylic: How to choose a bong?

Many experienced smokers say that glass bongs are their only and decisive choice, but a large number of owners of acrylic bongs proudly praise their favorite devices. To finally decide which bong is right for you, let’s go over the main advantages and disadvantages of glass and acrylic bongs and figure out the best bongs for you.

Glass Bongs: Pros and Cons

Pros of the glass bong:

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Additional cooling from the glass
  • Excellent traction
  • Easy cleaning

Cons of the glass bong:

  • Glass bong is easy to break or crush

Acrylic Bongs: Pros and Cons

Pros of the acrylic bong:

  • Will withstand strong enough shocks
  • Many designs and shapes
  • Usually cheaper than glass

Cons of the acrylic bong:

  • Are afraid of corrosive substances
  • It is more difficult to clean

What is the result of this fight?

If you are a delicate person and love the luxury in a home, then a glass bong can quite become your favorite smoking accessory. It has an excellent design and will be an excellent addition to the interior of your apartment. Glass bongs are fragile enough and so do not walk with them down the street. But, if you like to smoke, walking around the city or smoking in nature, then the acrylic bong will be your irreplaceable companion. It’s hard to beat, you can put it in your backpack or just throw it on the back seat of the car.

Regardless of which bong you choose, do not forget to regularly clean it from the accumulating resin. This will help not only to reduce the damage from smoking but also will remove the smoke from an unpleasant aftertaste. Remember that washing a bong is easier when the resin has accumulated a little and is much harder when a lot of old hardened resin has accumulated.

How to buy a bong?

If you are interested to buy buying a bong from online smoke shop, be sure to ask yourself what is it for you? The most serious option is if you intend to smoke it. In this case, you cannot attach importance to decorative jewelry, but choose a bong height of 70-120 cm – it will be smoked perfectly.

As a working model, which you can sometimes smoke at home or take with you to nature, a half-meter model is quite suitable.

What should I consider when choosing a bong for smoking?

The main thing in a bong is a lower part (a bulb) made of glass or metal, from which glass or metal tubes also come out. The metal flask does not beat, but it is difficult to control the water level in it; weaknesses – soldering or defects of coinage. Glass flasks are very diverse – from transparent (they are preferred by true smokers) to fully patterned – this is for souvenir lovers. Of the color options, you can advise the flasks of green glass, in which the water is clearly visible, and the aesthetics of combination with gold is magnificent.

The tip is hermetically connected to the bottom part – it is tightly inserted or screwed. In the first case it is necessary to check the rubber gasket, in the second – the thread. It is very important that the submerged tube is copper and the hose opening is flat and round. Make sure that the hood is at least a centimeter away from the coals and that it is equipped with a handle.

The hose is one of the main components. It must be absolutely airtight. Small bongs, as a rule, are supplied with solid hoses, large ones are put on dismountable, more durable and comfortable hoses.

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