Funny Christmas Goblin Trick Ideas That Your Kids Would Like


The teasing glitches of Santa Claus are back to the delight of children who want only one thing to capture them so that they stop doing their naughty stupidities. Are you short of ideas of jokes for your leprechaun hunt this Christmas? Here are some of the best rascally tricks that will entertain your children during the holiday season.

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Parents often have a busy schedule and do not always have time to invent intricate tricks. Simply quick jokes can still amuse your children, so do not deprive them of this festive tradition!

Latin in the air

The eyes of your children will reach the ceiling with these funny tricks! Why not build a tiny swing for your mischievous goblin? All you need is a roll of toilet paper, wire, and tape. Hang the swing on the top of the door frame of your child’s room. So, this will be one of the first things your child will see when getting up.

Your goblin wants to fly? In that case, make him a hot air balloon! Just a few balloons, a thread and a roll of toilet paper where he can sit and admire the landscape.

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Putin who enjoys the “snow”

All children love to make angels on the snow and so do the goblins. Use foods that resemble snow, such as flour, baking soda, salt or sugar, and place the goblin on this beautiful artificial snow. Do not forget to move your arms and legs a few times to imitate the angel’s pattern. If you like the idea, but do not want to clean everything afterward, use miniature marshmallows.

Besides, marshmallows will be very useful for other leprechaun tricks. For example, you could build an igloo and place the goblin for a good night’s sleep. In this case, use large marshmallows if you do not test your patience! And what would the winter be without a grandiose snowball battle? With Lego or building blocks, build two small forts, place your sprite on one side and another on the other. Scatter some miniature marshmallows on the battlefield and do not forget to stock each camp with enough marshmallow balls for the night battle.

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Putin who changes the decoration

During the night, the elves can sometimes be tempted to redecorate the house according to their tastes, bringing their personal touch.

If there is one thing that elves love, it’s toilet paper! While your children sleep, why not redecorate the Christmas tree by adding a beautiful garland of toilet paper? If you have stairs at home, you could also unwrap toilet paper in the steps, while leaving the goblin wrapped in the paper down the stairs. The children will think that he got caught up in it at night.

If you have a printer at home, put the leprechaun on it, letting it out a bit, and print its frozen image. The next day, while this memory is still fresh in the minds of your children, print several images of sprites of different sizes and replace all the photos of the house with photos of sprites. This might take a little time if you have a lot of frames, but the effect will be really hilarious.

In order to have a truly unique Christmas tree, sneak into your child’s room when he sleeps peacefully and leaves with all his panties. To do what? In order to decorate the fir tree, of course! When dressing, your child will have no choice but to go pick his pair of panties on the fire. If your child does not have a light sleep, you can also make clotheslines with thread, place them all over the room and hang all their stockings and panties.

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Leather graffiti

Oh, the nonsense that the goblins can accomplish with a marker! Use window pencils and make graffiti on photo frames, windows and mirrors of the house. Do not forget to put these pencils in the hands of the culprit: your goblin! Or, draw faces on fruits like bananas, apples or Clementine’s. Maybe this will give your kids the urge to eat them. You can also use a marker (which removes easily, of course!) To make some fun designs on your child’s face or on yours.

Hair stylist and barber

Dads, you want a new haircut? Why not take advantage of it and ask the elves to make you a not very professional cut? Put your lawnmower on a few places of your hair and be ready to watch your children twisting in laughter when they see your hairdresser’s haircut. If you do not want to touch your beautiful hair, follow the same principle and shave your beard in a very (very!) Random way.

For moms, you could use temporary color sprays for hair and pretend it is the nocturnal work of the evil sprite. The wider the color (think orange, yellow or green), the more successful the effect will be.

Leprechaun in the bathroom

As the bathroom is one of the first places where children head when they wake up, this makes it one of the best places to achieve the elf tricks. You could, for example, leave a little note on the mirror of the bathroom from the pixie with toothpaste or lipstick. Do not forget to put some red on the lips of your goblin.

Do you have a bathtub that you do not use in the morning, enough free time and a lot of willpower? In this case, fill your bathtub with snow so your goblin will run down the ski slopes. This will require a little more time, so book this tour for a weekend day. If this is not practical for you, fill the tub with cold water, place several Gold Fish crackers and place your sprite on the ledge with a Christmas stick with a wire. In addition to skiing, elves love to fish!

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Capture the goblin

Sometimes elves cannot play night rounds for the simple reason that they are prisoners. When your children realize that everything is normal in the house, they will soon realize that they will have to find where the goblin lies.

You could capture this strange goblin by placing it inside a transparent glass. Even better: why not put it in a block of ice, with a figurine of Elsa, the Queen of Snows, pointing in her direction? Want to push the idea even further? Put the goblin in hell! And if you still have inflatable balloons, place the goblin inside and inflate it. Have fun hiding the goblin in outrageous places in the house or capturing it inventively. Finally, encourage your children to develop plans (safe, of course) for the purpose of capturing the goblin and do not hesitate to get inspired by their ideas too.

The new tradition of hunting elves is perfect to soak up the holiday spirit a few weeks before Christmas Eve. However, like Santa Claus, the goblin will have to leave the house on Christmas Eve. Take the opportunity to say goodbye to the goblin by sending a card to your children explaining that he must return to the North Pole until next year.

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