Frightening Fangs

There are some pretty terrifying teeth in the animal kingdom. You certainly wouldn’t want to be bitten by any of these gnashers! One of the most iconic set of jaws belonged to the sabre tooth tiger which is now extinct but there are plenty more sharp teeth still around today and here are just a few examples:


This fish was swimming around at the same time as the sabre tooth tiger was stalking prey on land. The payara is still with us, however, and terrorises prey in the waters of the Amazon River. Their fangs can measure 3-4 inches in length and on a four-foot fish, this can prove very deadly. They sink their fangs into the flesh of unsuspecting victims and as the prey sinks, the payara scoop it up into their huge jaws. Even the fishermen avoid this fiendish fish! If all this talk of teeth has reminded you that you have a dental appointment overdue then think about General Dentistry Leicester and visit

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Dromedary Camel

Don’t let the fact that this animal is an herbivore lull you into a false sense of security. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of this camel’s bite. Used for pack animals, transport and grazing – behind those lips lurk canines that can reach over 3 inches in length. There have even been fatalities when camel owners get on the wrong side of their animals.


The mysterious ‘unicorn of the sea’ has a 4-metre-long spear on top of its head. The surprising thing is that this spear is actually an extension of its right canine tooth. The tooth is angled forwards and goes through the animal’s forehead. Bizarrely, the narwhal has no other teeth in its jaws but can sometimes sprout another spear from the left canine socket! The spear is used to battle in territorial fights and is also helpful in breaking up the ice of its arctic habitat.

Titan Triggerfish

Some of the most fearsome teeth seem to be found in the water. The triggerfish is not one that you want to come face to face with though. They inhabit tropical reefs and aggressively defend their territory from both other sea creatures and humans alike. Their teeth are designed to crush coral so you get an idea of how powerful they are. The teeth are incredibly thin but devastatingly sharp and extremely tough.


You might think that these mammals are gentle giants but they are immensely powerful and can weigh up to 9000 pounds. They also boast the biggest canines of any land animal with two very sharp sixteen-inch teeth! These teeth have the terrifying capacity to bite through a human being. All of a sudden, they don’t seem so cute anymore!

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Gaboon Vipers

These are the real bad boys of the reptile world, being the biggest and heaviest vipers on earth. They also boast the largest fangs and most potent venom of any snake. They keep their two-inch teeth folded up in the roof of their mouth but when it’s time to strike, they flick them out in a split second and strike the completely unsuspecting prey.


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