Freedom to travel BMW 5 Series Touring comes

BMW 5 Series

As of coming soon, BMW will complement its 5 Series with the Kombi. This offers more space than its predecessor, lags behind in the technique, but keeps itself back with external changes. BMW 5 SeriesFor this one can park it with the help of the car key. After the limousine, BMW is now showing the combination variant of the new 5 Series. The “Touring” coming soon, almost half a year after the start of the four-seater. The price list should start at almost 48,000 dollars.

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More space, more powerBMW 5 Series

With full seating, the luggage compartment of the 5 Series Touring swallows 570 liters.  This is 10 liters more than the predecessor. With full seating, the luggage compartment of the 5 Series Touring swallows 570 liters. This is 10 liters more than the predecessor.

The Touring is similar to the B-pillar of the sedan, so it comes much more powerful than its predecessor. Behind it is a dynamically drawn combination train. With 4.94 meters the new edition is three centimeters longer than her ancestor, also wide, wheelbase and height have slightly increased. The maximum luggage volume increases by 30 to 1700 liters, and even with full seating is now with 570 liters a little more space for the charge. The maximum payload, however, grows noticeably: by 120 kilograms up to 730 kilograms.BMW 5 Series

Two petrol and diesel models are available for the drive. The engine is a four-cylinder engine with 252 hp in the 530i, above it the 340 hp six-cylinder in the 540i, which is coupled to an all-wheel drive. There is also a four-cylinder with the diesel: the 190 hp 520d, as well as a six-cylinder with 265 hp in the 530d, which is available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Technology as in the sedanBMW 5 Series

In the interior, the BMW 5 Series Touring looks as if everything looks the same. In the case of the technology, the estate car is oriented towards the limousine and moves closer to the big brother 7s. Amongst other things, there is a tracking assistant who works up to a speed of 210 km / h and makes the BMW, in combination with the distance meter, at least on the motorway to a partially autonomous vehicle.

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In addition, there is an assist assistant, which helps to 160 km / h during a lane change and a side collision warning with active steering pulse. In addition, the keypad can be remotely controlled with the key in the hand while parking. It warns at the motorway drive ahead of possible ghost trips and for which the expensive command system books the booking and payment of parking spaces from the cockpit.

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