Free Ways You Can Promote Your New Tech Blog And Gain Followers

If you’ve decided you would like to start your very own tech blog or have already started it, something you need to realize is that it will be nearly impossible for it to grow if you don’t promote it to your target audience.

There are over a hundred million blogs currently online now, which is why you have to draw attention to your particular blog in order for it to get noticed rather than hope it gets noticed on its own. The good news is that blog promotion is free, easy, and if done right, effective.

Here are perfectly free ways to promote your new tech blog and gain followers:

Comment On Popular Tech Blogs 

You already know that other popular tech blogs have an audience, so why not take your promotion efforts there? Commenting on popular blogs will be a great way to put your name in front of an audience who is already enthusiastic about the same type of content that you publish.

Post thoughtful questions or observations in your comments and then include the name and link to your blog after. When people read the comment, they may click the link to your blog to see what other information you have.

Link To Popular Blogs In Your Posts 

Another tactic to promote yourself is to include the links to popular blogs in your own posts so you can refer your reader base over to them. Bloggers will take notice of you, and they will be much more interested in cross promoting with you as a result.

Improve Your SEO Campaign

There will be nothing better you can do to drive organic traffic to your blog than to run an efficient SEO campaign. Most people who find your blog will likely find it through search engines, so ranking highly for popular keywords is essential.

The only way you can improve your SEO campaign is if you know what needs to be improved, and to find out what needs to be improved you can easily run your blog through a free SEO analyzer that will show you any specific errors in your SEO that should be corrected.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

Promoting yourself and your blog on social media is an absolute must. Social media marketing allows you to reach out to people that you otherwise couldn’t have been able to and to engage directly with your followers.

Not only should you use social media to announce a new blog post, but you can also use is to hold special contests or to become a member of relevant tech groups such as on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Include The Link To Your Blog In Your Email Signature

A commonly overlooked promotion tactic is to include your blog’s link in your e-mail signature. Make it a habit to include the link in the signature of every e-mail you send out, regardless of whether it’s for personal or professional purposes.

Promoting Your Tech Blog Successfully 

By utilizing each of the tips you have learned in this article, you will be able to get your tech blog noticed by the right people and enjoy the rewards of having an increase in followers.

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