For or against computer games?


Yes to video games, but…

To this question, the answer is certainly “for” … but with a slight caveat: your children must be able to share things between reality and fiction, and they must not neglect other forms of gambling.

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  • Here is a portrait of the main types of electronic games on the market.

Educational games

There edutainment computer games for all ages.

  • Some work on a specific aspect of learning (language, for example) while others bring fun way to discover the history, geography or any other material that might otherwise be off-putting.
  • One can also fall into these category “serious” games for the old, who are video games that nonscientist the child (or adult!) To a cause or who introduced him to an environment or science.
  • According to experts, these games, in addition to facilitating learning and memory concepts, cultivate the ability to handle spatial representations.
  • They also promote the multitasking ability and ease to see a problem from different angles.

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Strategy games

Transposition of the traditional games console to develop games more complex and evolving levels, strategy games abound.

  • The electronic version of these types of games what’s even more certain intellectual abilities as they incite a speed of thinking and solving problems more than a traditional game while increasing constantly its level of difficulty based on performance the player.

Simulation games

There are virtual replicas of almost all traditional sports and activities (hockey, golf, tennis, yoga, bowling, etc.), as well as realistic reproductions of some less accessible activities such as space flight.

  • They allow understanding a rare reality or simply can afford to move a little inside when the outside temperature prevents the player to go out!
  • As such, they can be a good substitute to keep fit or to life in a family meeting or friendly.
  • Some games are very effective to sharpen the strategic thinking and concentration.

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Action games or adventure

Included in this category of electronic games fighting games and games with tests that require to succeed certain stages or solving puzzles to reach new tables and the new universe, or to know the rest of the story and evolve the characters.

  • These games will appeal to all kinds of skills (thinking, concentration, etc.) and can contribute to the confidence of a child going when he crosses puzzles or obstacles.

Role games

In a role play, the child creates an avatar to represent and becomes the hero of the game.

  • Often, these electronic games are conducted in cooperation and confrontation with other players, inciting to develop its capacity for communication and cooperation.

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Everything is as far

Of course, a more challenging game is, the more it can eventually create dependence if we are not careful. As in any activity, it is best to practice moderation to reap all the benefits without the drawbacks.

The choice of a gift , a game, a toy or an electronic tool will be even more successful. Thus, what initially took the form of a toy (keyboard, small battery, all painting, etc.) may well be a real passion and, who knows, a profession in the future.

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Finally, there are always the famous guilty pleasures, games or items that never lose their value in the eyes of the adolescent, or even the future adult, sometimes in total secrecy.

With adolescence occur several changes. It is sometimes difficult to know if a child is too old for some games and toys, and what would really make her happy.

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